1266X Scores Long Lost Ring - Returned.


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Mar 15, 2008
Fort Worth, TX
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Earlier this year a friend of mine had given me his old Fisher 1266X to hang on my vintage detector wall. These were all the rage when I started detecting but I never got around to acquiring one. Since this one was still in working condition I decided to take it out and play around with it on my farm that I had hunted countless times with every detector I've ever owned. A family member has told me on numerous occasions to "find my lost ring out by the barns". I was using the 1266 about as from from the barns as you can get and still be on the property when I got a solid signal. The signal passed the second disc setting, which I had set high. I figured it was going to be a quarter but turns out it was a silver ring. This is a part of the property where people park when we have family functions or BBQs etc. I called all of the friends who had been at the last BBQ thinking this was a recent loss. No one was missing a ring. Then I called the family member who had always thought she lost a ring at the barn and had her describe it. Turned out to be her ring. She lost it over 12 years ago at an Easter function here. Must have come off in the parking area rather than the barn area! I may have to use this 1266X a little more before I hang it on the wall!

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Mar 9, 2012
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Great story on the find of the lost ring. I bought the Fisher 1265 when they first came out. A good machine and the 1266 was the newer version. It may be an oldie, but it is still a goodie.

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