14K Band, Silver, Buffs & More


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Apr 26, 2012
Rantoul, IL
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Thought I would post my best finds year to date. Recently got a job maintaining grounds at a county club that opened in the 20's. VIRGIN territory for metal detecting. Today alone I found 2 mercs, a rosie, and a ton of wheaties. 1916 buffalo in the same whole with 3 wheaties dates about the same. 4 links to sterling silver bracelet made in Siam. Last week found my first buffalo (1914), 1908 barber dime & 1936 Washington. Also found phone token.

Any help on token would be awesome. Says "Phone 135" on one side and 5 cent trade & Rhoads on other.

Have found a ton of shotgun shells from the 20's. One went out of business in 1911. All this was found behind the shop, off the course. I have only covered about a 1/4 of the area these were found in. Talk about a job with benefits!!

Wedding band was found in middle of open field where small playground use to be. Google earth pics actually had the equipment in the picture, so I used that with GPS to figure exactly where I wanted to be. Talked to a woman that said she and her son had already detected the area. I guess they didn't try about 10 feet behind where the swings were!! Ring weighed 3.8DWT valued at the time @ about $200.

Combined with about a $100 in clad found, I have more than paid for my detector and equipment, along with the shooter coil & Garrett Pro Pointer (would have quit detecting without it!!). My wife no longer says it was a waste of money!!


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WOW ! Great finds

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