1837 date gold gilt Fire Ass. button found March 29th


Mar 30, 2003
Central Virginia - USA
Hey everyone,
You'll usually find me posting in the bottle forum here, because that's what I do mainly. I dig/hunt for bottles and glass. Well, while digging for bottle the other day at my friends planation, I dug up many relics. Some of them we can't ID yet. A few may be pre CW, but this was the neat find. I've posted this on some other relic forums, but no one wants to give me a value or rarity on it. I think these may be quite scarce and it is in good shape. It is backmarked "Scovills & Co - Superfine" and features a fire fighting vessel.

I'd like to know the rarity and/or ballpark value, first of all, because I want to enter it in a digging contest in Nov. that I compete in annually. Secondly, because I want to donate it to the homeowner, my friend with the other relics I've dug at this site.

I did not use my m. detector to find this and the other relics. It was left at home, for some reason.

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Sweet find. We dont find many items any where near that old over here in oregon. Cant wait till i get to head east to find some older stuff.



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