1840 E N Welch parlor clock


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May 31, 2008
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While waiting for the more stuff to come out of the back, I started looking at the clocks, right next to the door were the stuff comes. (Have to be fast, new thing is to toss everything in your basket then look at it). Anyway, picked up this clock and noticed it did not have the battery case. Opened the door and looked in side and saw all the gears. Hmmm for 8 bucks will take a chance.
When I got home found the maker on the gears, EN Welch, Forestville Ct. After further examination looked like some one attempted to restore the clock. What I thought was a great 1840 clock turned out to be a parts only clock. So I just placed the parts on Ebay. Not sure what I will do with the clock body. Bottom has square nail, but other areas have modern nails. Moral of the story pick up everything and look at it, not just assume it is something else.


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Feb 23, 2015
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A good moral story. Look before you leap, but that means you may lose out on a lot of good stuff and interesting things. Its still a good find.

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