2 lb Alaskan Gold Panning Concentrates (Gold Guaranteed!)


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Feb 20, 2011
Get high grade gold panning concentrates to practice panning with, teach the kids/grandkids, you name it! All these concentrates have guaranteed gold, plus with further processing you can do even better!

Cost $16.00 2 lb (Shipping & Handling included in price)

Please order via my new website, and thanks for looking!


Small Picker Sticking Out of Quartz

Highly visible gold (to the naked eye) on a small piece of quartz

Here are some pics from a pan-out, as well as other related pics;

Quartz-gold, pan-out, quarter

Quartz-gold, pan-out, quarter

Quartz-Gold, Pan-out, Quarter, representative sample.

2 lb Quartz-Gold bag



Quartz-gold, quarter, pan-out

Quartz-gold, quarter, pan-out

Quartz-gold Cons, In a five-gallon bucket

Quartz-gold, giant blue specimen

Quartz-gold, large specimen

Quartz-gold, large specimen, quarter

Quartz-gold, flower planter


if you want to just buy one of my large quartz-gold specimens, send me an offer price via pm, I am negotiable on prices...!

Crushing up the quartz in a mortar & pestle...

It's all crushed up now...

Panning commences...

Panning, cont'd...













Potential Canadian buyers this message is for you!

I can ship 20 lbs for $180.00 USD. This includes shipping. I will be using USPS intl flat rate priority shipping which takes 7 - 10 days. You will receive 10X 2 lb bags. However all of the bags I have shipped out and will continue to ship out are high enough quality to resell for $15. You can keep some to process, and sell some to your friends to share in the cost. They're good for casual panners, as well as those who want to refine. Since I started selling these in late July my buyers have been overwhelmingly happy with their orders.

To order or learn more details, please visit http://alaskangoldpanningconcentratesguaranteedgold.yolasite.com

Also in days and weeks to come I'll be adding large collectible gold and silver ore specimens for sale at very good prices, as well as other exciting types of gold concentrates from here in Alaska. My other mining buddies are still freezing their rear-ends in the rain on mountainsides!

Got mine today Sean, Leaving in a couple min. to pick up a gold pan from a friend. Although I don`t have a clue what I`m doing I can see gold in the stuff I got from you so yahoo!!! I`ll be panning gold this evening...lol Thanks for the fast shipping and great communication, Tom

Well everyone I have a good supply of quality quartz gold and placer gold material. I might get out one or two more times for the season and that'll be it for the whole long winter!

Here are my new shipment sizes/prices (All prices include shipping)

Sample of Our Gold Panning Concentrates 3 Ounces
Cost; $6.00

Quartz Gold Panning Concentrates 2 lb bag
Cost; $16.00

Quartz Gold Panning Concentrates 10 lb
Cost; $65.00

Quartz Gold Panning Concentrates 20 lb
Cost; $130.00

Mother Nature's Organic Gold Panning Concentrates 2 lb bag
Cost; $16.00

Mother Nature's Organic Gold Panning Concentrates 10 lb
Cost; $65.00

Mother Nature's Organic Gold Panning Concentrates 20 lb
Cost; $130.00

I constructed a website anyone can order from. All the material I have is high quality.

I'll be posting new pictures soon!


A buddy and I have been hitting a nice lil glory hole over the past few weeks. Anyone who doesn't want to mess with crushing rocks all day, this material is placer gold. Though it came from the same district as my quartz cons, it is 40 miles on the other end. So despite these cons being placer gold mainly, I would reckon one would still get more gold by crushing. Since the creek runs by a lengthy stretch of road. In fact none of this is even coming from a claim. We did a great deal of test panning and test sluicing. The results are what you see. If anyone wants any, just order from my site or pm me.

Panning is about to begin!

Small shovel load

Panning well under way

A lot of black sands. There was a lot of smaller gold as well in there. It was hiding beneath those black sands! I did not finish this pan-out because my buddy wound up with both my handy test pans. I used that giant pan which wore me out! There's a lot of gold in this material like there was also in my quartz gold cons (I still have a nice stash of the quality quartz cons). Those of you who would rather work with black sands or normal placer gold, then this material is up your alley.

Hey Everyone,

I'm doubling the size of all my placer gold cons. They are good quality and guaranteed.
By late October/early November I'm going to be working a new job and I am not sure if I will have the time to do this all winter. My aim therefore is to get rid of all I can. I have a nice stash of quartz gold still. Prices for those will remain the same.
Here is what I am now charging for the placer gold cons, you can order them via my website or by pm'ing me here. Thanks to all for your business.

4 lbs Mother Nat. Cons


20 lbs Mother Nat. Cons


40 lbs Mother Nat. Cons


I changed my website to reflect the new prices. Currently we're still able to work the hole where we're getting this. Winter in our area seems to be holding off a bit longer than normal. So get em while ya can!


For those who have ordered from me, I will have everything shipped by tomorrow 18 Sept 2013. However I probably won't be emailing any tracking numbers until the next day due to the fact that I'll be out working a creek for the day. Quality of all my cons has remained and will remain top quality for the foreseeable future at least. My website again is http://alaskangoldpanningconcentratesguaranteedgold.yolasite.com
If you order please expect up to 2 business days for a tracking number. I'm trying to get them all out within one business day, I'm almost to that point! Thanks to everyone for your business.

For those of you who may want unsearched quartz, I still have plenty. I also have plenty of larger ore with a lot of gold in it. I keep finding specimens, but it's become boring because there's too many. Ok, just kidding it isn't boring! I stockpiled more before the snow started in the mountains, I should be able to supply everyone all winter. I will accomodate special orders, so pm me with yours and we'll make a deal.

kindly pm me, I had purchased a long time ago.. need to talk to you privately

Hey all, my partner is taking over my website while I shoot a tv show for CMT. We only have quartz. He has his whole stash remaining from the summer. Top quality, unsearched quartz. Quantities are limited, get it while you can. July 15, 2014 is basically when we will be back in the swing of things again getting more amazing quality ores and whatever else we come across next season.

Pics have been added to site at top to see what we have left. Gold quartz sizes as big as your fist!


Quartz Gold (Unsearched/Unclassified) 2 lb
Cost; $20.00 usd (Includes s & h within the United States)


Quartz Gold (Unsearched/Unclassified) Small Flat Rate Box - Full
Cost; $35.00 usd (Includes s & h within the United States)


Quartz Gold (Unsearched/Unclassified) 15 lb
Cost; $100.00 usd (Includes s & h within the United States)

Note; Pics on website are indicative as to what will be found in all orders. There is considerably more gold if material is fully refined. You won't find anything of this quality at this price anywhere!


this is tough work, I'm not intersted but im just given you a shoutout sayin that this kind o' stuff takes time, sweat, hard work, effort. really appreciated the pictures, they really showcased panning, and how neat it is.

I decided this morning to do a random test of a handful of quartz. I didn't pick out any special pieces, Here are the results.

My Handful of Random Quartz

Crushed Up To A Fine Powder

Panning Under Way

Nice pile of gold showing up! Approximate weight of crushed quartz, roughly 2 lbs

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