200$ Magnet.


Sep 4, 2013
Somewhere directly above the center of the Earth.
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So, I happened to be fishing in one of my favorite spots.
Along comes two young bucks carrying a cooler and a big honker magnet and a length of nylon rope.
I knew that they planned on magnet fishing.
This spot once had a railroad bridge.
The bottom is discarded sections of track.
I tried warning them.
You toss that in there and you'll need to tie that rope to an elephant to pull it out.
They didn't listen.
"Hey old man, we're young and strong"
And dense like I was lol
So I know a section of river that has at least one 200$ magnet at the bottom.


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Nov 3, 2012
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All Treasure Hunting
A $39 400 lb magnet will pick up a bicycle and when it gets stuck on a very flat surface it is very hard to remove. These 12 hundred lb magnets would be impossible to remove without a tool. A good test cud b just putting it on an old car door and see how hard it wud be 2 remove. Good luck.

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