3c Florida Store Bottle Quart


May 17, 2013
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I found this bottle on a creek bank and haven't had any luck finding much information about it. Google searches have shown 5 cent Florida store bottles in 1/2 pints and quart sizes, but I haven't saw anything about a quart sized 3c bottle. It is in mint condition, besides the old clay build up which it was preserved in for however many years. It has a big 3 with a cent sign on the bottom as well as a ring and a symbol with what looks like hand markings. I don't know much about bottles but have always collected them and love them a lot. This bottle is special to me but I would like to know more information if anyone knows, and possible value although this one is staying in my collection and will oneday be passed to my daughter hopefully many, many years from now! :) Thanks!!

Several pictures are worth several thousand words and will get you a faster response!

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