4 leaf clover hunt


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Apr 6, 2021
Loganville, Georgia
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This is kind of a update & current news I have posted fhe pics to see. The 1st one with lots of 4 leaf clovers contains ones i found in 2022&2023. All added together is 983. It is missing the numerous pages i gave out to family. which roughly guessing i would say 10 other pages. So i dont know how many that would be, but it wouldn't be less than 100. I only hunt these clovers in my yard & thats it. I have no explaination why there are so many in my yard, but if they are there i will find them. This season my daughter says that she's gonna contact our local newspaper to see if they will do a story on my finds because they are noteable. so, we shall see. Anyway, the 2 nd pic is the ones that im currently finding & as of last week i think the count was 243 I have found quite a few since bur they are drying so i couldn't post them yet. As fhe season goes on i will do my best to update.


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