6 Sterling Napkin Rings!


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Aug 22, 2012
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Stopped at a garage sale this morning. There was a lot of vintage things. I went straight to the jewelry table. I didn't find anything of interest but while I was there I overheard the seller tell a customer that the candlesticks he was asking about were sterling. ($25 for the pair). Well, when I heard the word "Sterling" my antennas went up and headed for the table of silver platters, cups, dishes..etc. The guy was a serious picker. He even had his jeweler loop hanging from his neck. He put an offer of $20 on candlesticks and had them on hold, and instead of finishing scanning the table for more Sterling, he quickly went to the jewelry table. He was flipping through the jewelry so quick. I was lucky he was distracted by the jewelry table because I found not one or two but six Sterling Alvin S17 napkin rings. The sticker said $10. The seller accepted my offer of $8. When I went to pay, the picker guy was ready to check out too with his candlesticks. He gave my napkins rings that were in my hand a double look and then gave me a dirty look...
I saw him again 20 mins later at another sale. He walked up the driveway in such a rush and was shouting where the jewelry was and made a big grunting noise when the homeowner said they sold out except for a few pieces. He ran back to his car and drove off like a crazy man on a mission.
This was the first and hopefully last time I see him.. I like to search for treasures but I'm not pushy or rude. If it's meant to be then it's meant to be..

I'm really happy with my napkin rings. Does anyone know what the value is on 6 and how old they could be?


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Wow! What an ass! You would have thought that someone pissed in his corn flakes. Way to continue the search and spot the napkin rings. Alvin started in 1886 in Providence RI and are now a division of Gorham. They're probably from the 30's - 40's ish. I'm thinking value of at least 1.5 times the total weight. Great find and a total score at $8.00!!

Good for you! Hopefully he will be in your rear view mirror many more times.

What a wing nut! How do people get like that? What on earth happens over the course of someone's life that makes them go completely batch1t crazy!?

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