A few finds from a new field site this evening


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Jul 28, 2008
SW Michigan
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XP Deus, Minelab Explorer SE Pro, T2 SE
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All Treasure Hunting
Just got permission this afternoon to hunt this field and great field conditions. Soy beans that were lightly tilled last fall so the surface was just about flat :hello2:. Can't say for sure if this field had been hunted before because there was a decent amount of signals, but had fun anyway. House was there in the 1858 map and gone by the 1872 map. Not too bad of an iron patch so stuck with my minelab. One coin...a 64 fatty and misc. buttons and relics. The one button has a waterbury backer so assuming it was a CW button. Is it just me, or did somebody make a little man from that cartridge? :laughing9:.


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Feb 20, 2012
Virginia Beach,VA.
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Teknetics Delta 4000,Garrett Pro pointer
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Metal Detecting
;D Nice finds, Ya gotta love the casing though..... Weird if somebody just exploded it. 1in a 1,000,000 maybe. Does look like somebody made it....

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