Added A 500 GPH Bilge Pump To My Le' Trap Battery Operated Setup.


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Mar 21, 2005
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I added one more bilge pump to my Le'Trap setup. It was previously running on just a Johnson 2200 GPH/7.5 Ah, which was enough to get the unit catching the gold. I added a 500 GPH/1.8Ah to increase the flow. What I gained was excellent exchange in all the riffles and the ability to run more feed faster, as the sluice processed material faster. What I lost was some battery time. ( 60 Ah battery / [ 1.8 + 7.8] ) bilge pump Ah drainage = 6.45 hours battery time available. So, theoretically, I lost 1.6 hours of usage on my new setup using my 60Ah battery. That is plenty, as I am whooped after 6 hours of gravel digging. I can always add a new lithium battery at a minimal cost and weight if needed. And, of course, my blue California mini drop riffle sluice can run 12 hours on my 60 Ah battery.


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Jul 17, 2021
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Just tried my new GeoSluice Le Trap this weekend for the first time. Added 2 cross bars and cut out the front, leaving about a 1/2" around the edges so that I can make a panel to convert it back and forth between a River Robber and a Bank Robber. It caught nice small flakes and fine gold and the weight was super nice for packing in. Loved the easy clean out. Awesome to see gold lying in the riffles when it starts clearing out.


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Feb 3, 2009
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Cool pump set up
Query John
What is the lift capability on the pump? (Meaning vertical )
I found some pumps drag if there's much of an incline.

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