After Famous Adams Diggings - 1904

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Dec 4, 2008

A pretty story is being told in Albuquerque today to the effect that Gov. M. A. Otero and Secretary of Territory J. W. Raynolds have gone south to hunt for the famous lost Adams diggings, which, some prospectors say, are located in the Cuchillio Negras of Sierra country. The governor and secretary went south the other evening, and a little mischievous bird tells The Citizen that they are out hunting for hidden treasures which, according to advices which they had previously received, they expected to find. These Adams diggings have cost many a poor prospector his life, and during the bloody days of twenty odd years ago, when Victorio and Geronimo rode rough shod over the southern counties with their bands of renegade Apaches, only a few of the most daring white prospectors ventured out in search of these supposed fabulously rich placers, and they never returned to civilization to give an account of their trip.

Circumstances have changed since then -- Victorio, Geronimo and the blood thirsty bands have been whipped into submission, some being killed, and these diggings may yet be found. Who knows but that Governor Otero and Secretary Raynolds may find them? If there is a smile on their faces when they return north in a few days, it will be an indication that they have located the wonderful gold producing placers; but if not -- don't say anything to them about the Adams diggings. -- Albuquerque Citizen.

San Juan County Index [Aztec, New Mexico] 27 May 1904 (VOLUME XV Number 17)

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