Again gold ring from 18th century!


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Oct 13, 2019
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Okay guys, this is not a joke... I found another gold ring from 18th century. It's not as fancy as my previous one but it's still very rare find and I can't believe that this has happened already twice for me during this season!

20210703_102859.jpg20210707_090008 (1).jpg20210707_090024 (1).jpg20210707_085947 (1).jpg20210707_090041 (1).jpg

Here is the link for the video, I added this time English subtitles too so you can have better understanding what I'm saying:

I have also created play list where I will add videos as soon as I get more subtitles done, there is four videos at the moment but there will be more so please check it out:

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A big congratulations, that is a very nice gold ring - I am still admiring your previously found ring as it is still near the top of the today’s finds board as well as the banner. You definitely are having a great year. I am looking forward to seeing what you find next. Good luck with your hunts. Walt

That is so freaking awesome, I'm so jealous but happy for you. I've only found one gold thing so far and haven't found anything all that exciting in awhile. Seeing other people's awesome finds though keeps me motivated to keep trying.

Cool, maybe your get your 3rd soon....

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