Another couple attacks !!

Blak bart

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Jun 6, 2016
FL keys
🥇 Banner finds
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Mine lab primary fisher secondary
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All Treasure Hunting
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Harold in Fla.

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Jul 18, 2007
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I use the excel 1000 have been since they came out.
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All Treasure Hunting

There was a horrible picture of the keys was sobering to see !! Be careful and trust your instinct....if it seems dangerous it probably is !! Everybody watch your back, and use the buddy system or you could just disappear !!
I've had one of them come close to me, i was lucky and i was swinging my coil back and fourth and on my left side i hit something and i turned quickly and out it came out of the water and it was about 6ft and then dashed right in front of me, a women was walking in the shallow water with her husbnd, and her husband said get out of the water!! well i kept looking all around me walking back in and it took me some time before i went back in for sure. Harold in Fla.

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