Another Good HUNT on the Quest for QUARTERS and High Tones


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Dec 4, 2011
Detector(s) used
Nokta Makro Simplex+, Whites TRX Pinpointer, Whites MX5, Bounty Hunter 3300 Discovery, Whites Coinmaster Pro, Whites Quantum 2, Whites 6000, Whites 6DB, Whites Beachcomber.
Primary Interest:
Metal Detecting
Hunted a local Community Center, that has baseball & soccer fields next to a Middle School that gets a lot of traffic. I have hunted there many times over the years. Found with the SIMPLEX+ a total of 56 coins that included 27-quarters, 16-dimes & 13-cents(one was a 1952-D wheat cent) all clad. The $-total was $8.48 - Hope everyone is getting a chance to enjoy this spring weather and get out detecting - GOOD LUCK & HH to ALL........BILL

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