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Nov 15, 2013
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Hi i am trying to figure out how old my porcelain doll is . She is 26 inches long has original crinoline and bloomers on. I received her as a gift 30 years ago from my aunt she had her since she was 22 so we have had her for 70 years between the two of us. My aunt said she got her as a gift and she was old when she got her. I had someone tell me she may be a french fashion doll. I have looked around online and can not find one to match her. I can not find any markings on her . There may be some in side her head but i do not wanna take her apart to find out . Any help or information would be greatly appreciated.


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From what I can see from your photos, your doll looks to be a Jenny Lind head doll with the molded black hair. I can't see the back of the hair, but the Jenny Lind went into a bun, and had a high forehead. The Jenny Lind porcelian dolls generally had a stuffed body, often stuffed with sawdust and/or hair. The head shoulder, arms and legs were porcelain. The Jenny Lind head dolls were very popular in the 1860s. These dolls were generally not marked, and the 'age' if often determined by the hair style. Note the different hair styles here:

It's a very nice and valuable doll so you might want to talk with someone who does antique doll restoration.

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