Any Eureka! or RMPTH Memnbers??


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Sep 10, 2014
Longmont, CO
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Gold Pan, Sluice, Hand Dredge, X-Terra 30, X-Terra 705, Sand Shark
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Trying to get some feed back on these two clubs.... If I had the coin (pun intended), I would just join both, but for the time being, I need to limit myself to one club...

Eureka! seems larger, and looks to have hunts/field trips fairly often, but it is also the more expensive, and further away, and a drive through Denver to attend meetings...
RMPTH seems smaller and doesn't seems to have many hunts/trips, but is both closer and cheaper (plus no Denver driving)

The size of the groups kinda has me torn... I know the larger group will have more resources/knowledge, but I am also NOT a very social person... you put me in a room with more than 12 people I don't know and I just kinda shut down and keep to myself.

SOOOO.... I'm hoping someone on here is a member of one or both and can give me some insight to help me decide.

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