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The Golden Gate International Exposition was held in order to celebrate the city’s two new bridges. The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge was dedicated on November 12, 1936; the Golden Gate Bridge was dedicated on May 27, 1937; and on August 26, 1937, dredging for Treasure Island, the site of the Fair, was complete. The Fair ran from February 18 through October 29 in 1939, and from May 25 through September 29 in 1940. Treasure Island was due to be a major hub for the "China Clipper" fleet, Pan Am's flying boats. This never came to pass as the Navy and USMC took over the island to use as a personnel processing center during WWII.


Here's some info about the China Clipper side of your token:

Great find!

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Thanks Kev! I like the sites. Too bad I can't find the value for this token. But I love the history behind it!!! I wish I had a model of the fountain they had at the Exposition! That would be too cool. :D Anyways, I appreciate it.
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