Anybody ever buy precious metals from actual real online auctions?

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May 28, 2003
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Excluding Ebay, I'm talking about the various auction houses that hold online auctions and sell just about anything. I was searching some of the past online auctions and I see a lot of bargains in precious metals. Most of them have buyer's premiums ranging from 10% to 23%, plus applicable taxes (if required) plus shipping, but with all those extra charges, I still saw some real bargains. Was just wondering if anybody had bid and won, and your thoughts........
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Mar 22, 2009
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I stay away from auctions, usually to pricey. Keep Stacking


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Aug 19, 2014
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I use to frequent auctions in person every week... at one point all throughout the week... In fact I was thinking going to one tomorrow but probably wont. Last item along "precious metal" lines I bought was a 2.5 dollar gold in coin card... near mint. In the end I paid top dollar for it just because I wanted a 2.5... never saw one before and know that they are not common. one good thing about buying "money" at auctions is ... you do not have to pay tax on buying coinage/money that you buy.


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Dec 25, 2006
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"You do not have to pay tax on buying coinage/money that you buy". Last yr the Minnesota legislature pass a bill saying that all coin / precious metals dealers have to be bonded and that taxes be collected on all such deals IF the dealer(s) make more than $5000 a yr. Hmmm, guess what this did to coin shows? Yep, I went to a "50" table coin show last week.... and there were only 24 tables. Today I went to a "35" table coin show......only 22 tables. Most of the dealers had signs "Price INCLUDES sales tax" and after every sale, the dealers had to write down the sale. Of course, the people of Minnesota aren't too bright, because in the last election, 75% of those that voted agreed to EXTEND their sales tax for 20 yrs from 6.5% to 7.375%......up by 13.5%. Hmmm, when was the last time these people got a 13.5% increase in their pay?

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