Anyone digging in Se La. soon ??


Apr 2, 2020
Ocean Springs, Ms.
Detector(s) used
Nokta Impact
Primary Interest:
Metal Detecting
Hello everyone. This is my first post but definitely not my first time on the site. I was born and raised in La. but have been living on the Miss coast for a few years. It’s been really tough over here lately. To be frank, it’s always tough because Katrina left behind a layer of garbage just under the surface !! It’s difficult to get permissions here because most of the spots I’m interested in are vacant with no land owners around. I’m 42 and I’ve been detecting for many years, although only seriously for the past 3. If anyone is looking for someone to hunt with, I’m free until they let us return to work ! This virus has given me some time to play with, but it’s so discouraging over here !! I’ve been out every day for the past week with little results. I swing a Nokta Impact and I think I’m pretty good with it. If anyone is heading out soon and needs a partner, shoot me a text at 337-577-1052 ! Happy hunting everyone, and stay safe out there! Here are some of my finds over the past couple years


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