Are these artifacts or just rocks?

Apr 28, 2017
Western New York
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Let me preface this by saying I generally pick up fossils so I am not remotely knowledgeable on stone tools or artifacts... so I need better eyes and brains to help me.

I picked up these stones in the same area on the shore of Lake Ontario in Lewiston NY. I only brought them home because they had an interesting shape... didn't seem natural. They've been kicking around in a bag for a year and while I was looking up something unrelated, it suddenly occurred to me that maybe they were made into that shape? Unfortunately they were worn too smooth by the water to distinguish any tool marks. The spot I found them in is just a couple miles from Old fort Niagara and is in a area that would have been home to Haudenosaunee people. I would just like to know before they find a home out in the garden.

Sorry for poor pictures but it was the best I could get. There is a circular indentation on the bottom of the little fat one.
If they could be artifacts, that would make my day but if they are just rocks, they are still interesting.

Thank you! 1.JPG2.JPG3.JPG4.JPG

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Sorry, natural rocks only.

Welcome aboard. I agree those are just natural stones and most likely eroded by wave action of the lake.

Could you post some pictures of your fossils or any artifacts you may have found? We all love looking at pieces like that. Thanks

Thank you! The rocks are still neat so into the garden they go.

I will take some pictures of fossils I have dug and prepared this week. It is a hobby I really have come to enjoy. I am still on the lookout for a perfect trilobite but fossil hunting season is just starting around here.

I just purchased these at an artifact show a couple months back. Didn't pay much for them and they are local finds. The guy had a bunch of them.


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I just purchased these at an artifact show a couple months back. Didn't pay much for them and they are local finds. The guy had a bunch of them.

Those things look like the helmet that the alien wore in "Predator". Hopefully for the sake of mankind, those things don't hatch into one of them in full size. I heard that move was based on a true story!

The rocks are likely old river gravels, the fossils are Trilobites and pretty nice ones.

I think the very alien look of trilobites is part of why I like them. Those specimens are well prepared! I am looking to dig some that well preserved, unfortunately many of the ones I have dug are rolled up. Trilobites are pretty plentiful in Western New York and we have a lot of shale (Wanakah and Windom) back from when we were a ocean. It's funny when I go out hunting with my cousin because I tend to find all of the crinoids and horn coral while she finds my trilobites. The last time I was searching so hard, and she found one sitting on the surface right behind me. Lol

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