💵 FOR SALE AT MAX less than 20hrs, stock, Reaper Coil and more


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Dec 5, 2008
NW Arkansas
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Fisher F75 SE/LTD2, minelab Etrac, whites classic id, spectrum xlt, fisher f7, fisher 1266, king of all Tesoro Cibola, Tesoro Vaquero, Fisher 1280-X, minelab equinox, Fisher F75+ Garrett AT MAX
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Relic Hunting
I’ve got a like new literally, less than 20hrs on the machine. I may have changed the batteries once on it. I never had it submerged, never had it near any water, unless you count the wash cloth I used after each time I used the machine. I am meticulous about keeping my machines clean. This one was bought 5 months ago, I’ve had a 4th back surgery, going through a divorce that’ll be finalized this month, and can barely walk more than 100ft let alone bend down and dig a hole. So I’m selling my Garrett AT MAX with the original box, paperwork, wireless Z Lynk headphones, Z Lynk Pro Pointer, Garrett finds bag, and the almighty Reaper coil. This thing is a beast, always wanted to get some water headphones and go swimming with it but that’s just a pipe dream, and this thing is a coin, jewelry, and Civil War artifact hunting killing machine. I’ve yet to have a detector that goes this deep with this nice of backlight on the screen, and target separation unlike any other, plus I love the Iron Audio, and all Pro modes. I’m honestly looking to get $850, and that’s due to the very little usage, the fact it’s 5 months old, the Reaper coils cost, and the entire kit ready to run, no need to have anything other than a shovel and the time of day to play with it. I’ve had some decent offers for it, but I’ve also had a buddy who I’m not going to name who runs a detector shop who said that he would feel comfortable as an individual not a dealer, selling it for this price. Seriously you won’t find a cleaner machine, with all the ready to run gear that is this new and well cared for.


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