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Aug 28, 2016
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I sold my Etrac about a year ago after having it for 2 years, I had about 300 hours on the machine and I was down to using the 5 inch coil in trashy parks ( I still had to go really slow and still how the constant nulling due to its slow recovery speed)....I swicthed over to the atpro and use the 5 x 8 eliptcal coil which seems to help a lot, getting better depth and faster speed then the Etrac with the 5 inch coil, finding a lot more stuff going over the same places I went too..the question I have is pinpointing with the pro and depth meter question...I pinpoint right in the center of the target (loudest sound ) and it always seems to be off to the the side...also the meter seems to like saying the coin is only 2 inches deep but its really half away to china deep, I'm digging Wheaties at 8 inches, the dam meter says its only maybe 2 or 3 and its off to the side so I'm making mighty big holes....don't get me wrong I love the machine, at least I'm finding stuff


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Nov 20, 2013
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When pinpointing pinpoint then turn 90 degrees and pinpoint again, where the two meet should be your spot. Don't know if you have a Propointer but they work good in helping to locate the items. Go to U tube and look up the Garret propointer trick. It will give you a couple of inches in depth.


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Jun 8, 2016
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I use the wiggle method. I don't bother with the pinpoint feature. When you get a signal make short wiggles left and right with the coil. Everytime you get a tone it will be because the target is passing under the center of you coil (the part that extends from the rear to the front of your coil). Now when you are wiggling slowly move it backwards until the tone starts to disappear. This means that the target is now directly at the nose of your coil. You can double check by wiggling the coil forward, once the tone starts to fade away it means the target is centered directly behind your coil. You can do this from different angles to double check. If the target is a point target such as a small coin you will end up with a small spot on the ground that is confirmed by wiggling back to front and front to back. If your target is large or elongated you will notice that you will have different points on the ground depending if you wiggled forward or backwards. When faced with that scenario just dig a plug that extends to both spots. Hope that made sense. If not do a YouTube search for pinpointing using the wiggle method.


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Apr 17, 2011
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Another trick I watched on YouTube quite some time ago works like this:

Press the pinpoint button and move the coil over the target until the bars are all lit up. Keeping the pinpoint button pressed, move the coil away from the target until only about half of the bars are lit. At this point, let go of the pinpoint button and then without moving the coil press the pinpoint button again and move the coil over the target until the bars are all lit up.

Doing this will create a much smaller pinpoint area. You are in effect resetting the machine to see a smaller pinpoint area and your target should be spot on then.

It takes a little bit of practice but it is a quick learning process.

***The wiggle method discussed above works really well too.

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