ATTN Woodworkers - Exotic padauk slabs for sale


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Feb 28, 2005
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Each is 12x6", all will be from .78-85 thick. All have been thickness sanded so they are pretty consistent, but not finish sanded [which really is not a factor since they are going to be machined anyhow].

Really nice wood, and if you planned on making pistol grips or light switch plates ect and have a bandsaw, you could rip them in 2 or even 3 and make dozens from this one batch. More than thick enough for just about any 3D job.

Just $10 each and $12 priority shipping in USA, I think I'd be able to fit 6 of them in 1 box [flat rate shipping], and if you want a full 6 shipping will be free ,,, If you have ever priced cuts like this at Rocklers ect, you'll know this is very cheap even with shipping factored in. Not making much at all on these, just looking to pass some surplus on to fellow craftsman.

Other lengths/thickness possible, for instance I could do 2 24" long slabs 1.25" thick, shipping could be dicey on something that long and heavy though. Could also go the other way and slice them thin down to 1/8 or so for those into scrolling/inlays. If you are in the Detroit metro area pickups welcome.


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