[B]Zinc penny in one loose roll worth $120 or as much 4 or 5 oz of silver![/B]


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Feb 21, 2013
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Zinc penny in one loose roll worth $120 or as much 4 or 5 oz of silver!

I found this coin a few months ago but never had time to post it on Treasurenet, and I wanted try to scan it, but never got any quality scans from the library's copier

I got only two rolls of cents from the bank, in the past I have had great luck, I have found a VF 1859 indian, 1891 Indian, plenty of cents from the 1910's-1920's, 70 pounds of copper pennies, and 20 solid rolls of copper pennies.

I figured that I could find some copper in those two rolls, but due to the small quantity I had small hopes of finding anything great. I opened one roll, some copper and zincs, I opened the other one, and found a strange cent, at first I thought it was post mint damage, and I was going to but it back in the roll, but I quickly realized that it was the biggest cud I have ever seen!

I found a coin on Ebay that was made from the same defective die that struck my coin. They sold that coin in AU for $110 with 7 bids! I have seen 1997 cents struck by the same die that struck my coin going (A big difference between how much the seller is asking for) anywhere from $100-$130. Right now, I can not find find many listing of that coin online. I am not looking to sell this coin, and I will hold on to it for a long time

coin fff.jpg

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