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Jan 5, 2016
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Well it seems like my theme currently is back-up so that's the title. About a week ago I sent my X-terra 705 off to get a new LCD screen because a couple of the lights were acting up. So that put me to have g to run my back-up detector which is my old X-terra 305 (good machines). Unfortunately I didnt realize I was mailing it into the path of Hurricane Irma. [Godspeed to out friends at Kellyco and everyone else in Florida] So I may or may not ever see it again, but that's not important. Stuff can be replaced.

Anyway I got to get out for a bit Saturday. The weather started off kind cool so I put on my long pants and thought I might venture of the beaten path into into the woods and some territory that I've been waiting for fall to hunt. Big mistake! It's still a place worth hunting again but all I found was possibly a percussion cap can, spider webs between every tree and when I got back to the truck I noticed the insides of my socks were full of chiggers. It was time to back up and regroup.


After a shower and getting my wife to pick the last few bugs off of me I heard a loud roar overhead and got to watch a group F18's circle overhead while they were preparing to fly over the Razorbacks game. Way cool!


Later while everyone else was watching football, I decided to go back to a place my hunting buddy and I had briefly skimmed over a couple weeks prior. I had picked up a barber dime and he found a standing liberty quarter. I didn't expect much since he'd been over it with his XP Deus and I'm running my back-up detector. In the end I was glad I did. In two years of detecting I'd only found one Buffalo Nickel, and hidden among a bunch of those copper roofing nails I found 3 more and a Boy Scouts pen that says Pat 1911 on the back.

The nickles are dated 1923, 1934, and I think a 1913 but it's much harder to read.

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sweet finds, love the cap can too. finding the buffs etc was a whole lot better than the game anyways, at least you scored

Well done on the buffalos sir.

Nice little herd you got there, and pin!

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Second string quarterback enters game to throw HAIL MARY into the end zone for game winning TOUCHDOWN!!!:occasion18: Great scores for the backup coming off the bench. People wonder why I own so many machines?!????:laughing7: Nice scores on the trio of Buffalos and very nice Boy Scout pin. Hot Rod jets flying overhead is damn cool too. Great day!:headbang:

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