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Apr 23, 2003
Wallingford, Connecticut
Detector(s) used
Pulsepower Aquastar ll, Minelab CTX 3030, Sovereign GT, Nautilus DMC2Ba. Equinox 800.
Primary Interest:
Beach & Shallow Water Hunting
You don't say where you are actually so it is hard to say which beaches are close to you. I hunt the beaches around Ct. and the West haven beaches get little use from people, but there are some and always the chance of something there, the beaches from just south of Bradly Point toward the Orange line get more people. The most popular beaches are Seaside in Bridgeport, and Hammonasett in Madison, out ot Ocean Beach in the New London area. Both get quite a lot of people and better chances of finds, but be aware, there are lots of other hunters hitting these beaches also. So early mornings or late in the day are best.

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