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Oct 16, 2021
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yea she seems to make it more a song of hate by the way she sings it. I never took it that way from zepplin

I see how you might take it as hate, being as you said you're not a big Beth fan. I didn't take it that way. People can have strong feelings without hate.

Beth's music is all about strength. She spent most of her life addicted to drugs and alcohol, which is easy to see in her earlier videos. But she overcame that addiction and has come back more powerful than ever.

I see this as her reclaiming her power over addiction and turning away from the temptations of the past. Walking away from those who would drag her back down with them. Especially the gesture she makes on the line ...

" But I got to go away from this place.
Can't you hear it calling me the way it used to do "

So no, I don't hear hate, just strong emotion. No offense, but I do find it curious that you would post something you view as Hate on the forum though. Woman trouble?

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