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Apr 18, 2013
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I am new to the forum, been metal detecting on and off most of my life (43 years old).
Last year I recieved the Time Ranger from my Dad...and used it all last year.

Me and my buddy have gone to many hunts. My question is..... I allways find 2 to 3" deep coins, but never once found a
"deep target" coin. My air tests prove it can hit 6 to 9" depth small coins...but I don't get it? I am always in program 1...with
sensitivity adjusted. My Time ranger is a version 4 (2-9volt batteries)

Any help would be great!

it mite be a ground balance thing

I use my time Ranger on regular basis, and did find really deep coins, in the 8 to 10" range.

It might indeed be that your soils are highly mineralised. You should be aware that the GB adjustments do not work in the disc modes. Those modes do have a fixed GB, no matter where the GB is set in the all metals modes .

When I recieve a not really repeatable signal with the "deep target" indicator lit, I try to locate it in all metal no motion. Then, if I find it, I check it with the fully open target mode. I get many iron ID signals that way (most of those non repeatable signals come from improperly rejected iron targets, but when it shows a non ferrous target, it is there and mostly deep (or small).

You might also want to search in the all metal no motion mode, with correct GB setting and check your signals in the target mode (NOT P1, 2 or 3 !). This is a good way to find deeper coins.

The BHTR is a detector offering many functions and settings, take the time to learn it well, and venture more often outside the P1 mode.

Deeper finds will follow.


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