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Jun 18, 2022
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coin collection can get really, really deep. You need a focus.... let me suggest something like a Dansco 7070...

There are hundreds of ways to go in this hobby, the more you learn the deeper you go. The deeper you go the more you expand your focus. The more you expand your focus the more things become interconnected. I started years ago with a 7070 and now am (not ever sure) 25 books deep or so.... I have a friend that is even deeper.... currently he is going after a "Seated" set. That means EVERY coin of every denomination, from every mint and all the major varieties.... of coins like this...

Thanks for the direction 🤘


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Nov 22, 2012
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If you do try coin collecting, go for the coins that as a rule won't lose value. Like 1916D Mercury Die, gold coins, especially hard to get years and mints, 1877 Indian cent. Just filling up books and calling it "coin collecting" is what has gone out of favor in the last 10 years. The younger folks just aren't into that kind of thing. BECAUSE there are no lights, keyboards or headphones on the coin books!:BangHead:


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Oct 12, 2011
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here are some prices on those coins in "fine"condition
1916 D mercury dime.... $3,000
1877 indian... $1,300
1893 s morgan dollar... $5,000
1955 double die lincoln cent... $1,500
1937 d 3 legged buffalo nickel... $700
1909 S vdb... $1,000

These are all what I would call "upgrades" . These coins come later, start by having fun and learning about what it is you like. For me it started with a handful of Australian coins dad brought back from the war....


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Dec 3, 2005
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So if you guys are selling I am all in and always looking for silver dollars. Large cents dug are pretty much marginable but 1800 and back always can be sold for $20-50 bucks with real good readable dates. I will travel, for major collections. If you guys are serious all transactions are kept very confidential. References are available.
Proof sets and mint sets up to 1988 are available in mass quantities


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Jun 6, 2006
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Yes, ask him what he wants. You can go there with your red or blue book for values. I would not under any circumstances take stuff home you haven't paid for. And coin collecting in general isn't very popular anymore.
Exactly!!! He could claim all the multi thousand dollar coins are missing or you only brought back half what you left with. My red flag would go up immediately! Think why would a shopkeeper hand a stranger possibly thousands of dollars to take home to go through?

As Smokey said take your books and ask if he's got a table YOU BOTH can sit down & look at what he's got. In my experience I always do better coming up with a number and asking "What da ya want for the whole mess?" And dicker the price from there. Instead of buying piece by piece. Think, you can keep what you want for your collection & sell off the rest to make your money back. Don't get in a rush.

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