Canyons, Creeks and Gold Prospecting


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Oct 18, 2005
Northern California
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Canyons, Creeks and Gold prospecting

Me and Brian head out on a rainy day to an New Prospect and an old one in our never ending search for Gold !!!!
We checked out this Canyon and Creek about a Month ago before Brian started Rice Harvest and now he's done so we are back at it to see if we can hit another Pocket of Gold !!!!
The area has both old hydraulic mines and lode mines so you have lots of different stuff to check out.
The area is so large we didn't even put a dent in checking it out I'm sure we will be back as we got over 2 grams in just the one little pocket ( crevice ) with Gold coverd in mercury on our last trip here.
We checked a bunch of places as we were trying to stay dry !!!
All in all a fun day out in the Mountains with a good buddy and some Gold !!!
SG 091 Canyons, Creeks, and Gold Prospecting
our last trip out to this area was in
Pocket Hunting with a Metal Detector for Gold SG 089

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