Christmas Came a Little Early...LC's, Spanish Silver and Gold


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Apr 24, 2013
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Yesterday was a hunt to remember! Things started off with a bang ( a golden one), and only got better from there. I was off in a section of woods where I recently found a Barber and Seated quarter. My first signal of the day turned out to be a big, beautiful gold class ring...Texas A & M- 1986. The ring has an inscription, so hopefully I can locate the owner.

003.JPG 072.JPG 047.JPG

The rest of the hunt was a bit of a blur. I came across a spill of Draped Bust LC's, and what I think is a 2 Maravedis Fernando VII ( 1812-1817). It's quite small ( 3.4 g, 22 mm) and you can barely see a bust on the obverse.

004.JPG 053.JPG 055.JPG 060.JPG 063.JPG 064.JPG 067.JPG 068.JPG 070.JPG

The highlight of the trip was a 1731- s King Phillip V one real. This was also part of a pocket spill that contained a 1723 Woods Hibernia half cent

008.JPG 049.JPG 051.JPG 011.JPG 056.JPG 059.JPG

This was my best hunt of the year in terms of quantity of colonial era coins. It certainly will be hard to top! Good luck to all, and HH!

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Aug 11, 2011
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Outstanding, excellent finds! Super congratulations! Thank you for sharing with all of us!

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