Chronicles of a Treasure Hunter


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Sep 16, 2013
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CTX 3030
GPX 4500
Garrett Infinium LS
45 inch Coil sled mono
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Cache Hunting
Hi all.
I was feeling the need to test the waters on this, feel free to add your own opinion or views to this, i want it to be a general discussion for all.

So 1st of all What is a treasure Hunter, This im sure would have many answers, i guess the 1st question would be what would you class as a treasure.
Now for me im not one to call going down to my local park to metal detect coins "treasure Hunting". For me Treasure Hunting hits on the larger scale on the Spectrum. I.e Lost caches, buried loot, Shipwrecks Ect. Things you have to spend hours upon hours researching.

So i decided to get to work-
Now for me im a Solo Treasure hunter- No not that i have trust issues or a bad side, Its just more thats how it all fell together. Im a lone wolf, i function better that way, I search when i want to search i rest when i want to rest, no justification, no expectation, if i fail it falls on me, if i win, it belongs to me, Having yourself to rely on in the ups and downs really makes your a stronger individual in body and in mind, Blame falls souly on yourself, and picking yourself up builds you up along the way. Life is one of the best teachers, and you can learn everyday from it.

If your dedicated to something its very rare you will find someone who shares in it just as much as you, and if you do and everything works out, then God Bless.

However for me it arose alot of interesting steps i would have to achieve for myself in order to be successful in my quest. Like alot of people when they first begin to strive towards a successful quest. your often completely lost in it, constantly going around in circles not really understanding the direction your ment to be heading, taking bum steers and missing the facts. For me luckily i was able to find a really great mentor to help me put my research together, to paint a correct approach to the quest. After all if you dont have the right facts you could spend years of your life looking in the wrong place or simply for something that just never existed in the first place. Research is one of the most important aspects when it comes to real treasure hunting. I dont believe in luck, but i believe in chance, and your chances are dramatically increased with the more accurate facts you can attain.

Now this part then opened up a whole bucket of worms for me haha forget the can this went a whole lot bigger. Lets say your researching something from a different language. Boom there's your first hurdle the language barrier. For me however i didnt see this as an undoing but more of a evolution in my quest. which i took it upon myself to learn how to translate. ( now there are some really great apps and websites for this also) i would highly suggest this in your quest. I took it upon myself to start learning, Spanish, German and French, (these i slowly picked up translating documents with the help of apps and websites) but i also took it upon myself to take classes in these too.
After all if you invest in yourself you expand yourself to achieve more.

Ill Keep this 1st one brief but will expand on it more later if we get enough traction.

(for the record, im in no way having a dig at anyone-Metal detectorist/Youtubers/rock hounds ect) My opinion of treasure hunting may differ from others, and i dont mean to take away their experience on the subject :)


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