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  1. Need help to detect gold bars 4-6 feet deep

    Hey guys, I was recently contacted by a local person with a personal treasure story. Apparently this woman's ex-boyfriend buried a box with several gold bars in their back yard. It was meant to be a surprise for her but he tragically died in a car crash and didn't get the opportunity to...
  2. Chronicles of a Treasure Hunter

    Hi all. I was feeling the need to test the waters on this, feel free to add your own opinion or views to this, i want it to be a general discussion for all. So 1st of all What is a treasure Hunter, This im sure would have many answers, i guess the 1st question would be what would you class as a...

    The Hijacked Mule Train: From GoldMine to Denver Mint. Around the1890's three young men came out west to New Mexico to make a new life. However, after awhile they weren't very lucky at finding a job, so they started small time hijackingsand robbing stage coaches. They had set a camp near...
  4. Southern Colorado Treasure Stories

    Hello everyone, I am new to this site but have been an avid history buff since I was a kid. The past couple years I have been getting into reading about lost treasures, and especially enjoy Terry Carter's Youtube Channel. I am from Pueblo, Colorado and would like to hear any lost treasure or...
  5. Lost Treasure Forbidden Gold

    This is the first video in a new series from Two Toes !!! I hope you enjoy the video. I had a great time during Filming !!! Thanks, Jeff
  6. Lost Treasure Forbidden Gold

    Thanks for watching the video, I hope you enjoy it !!!!!
  7. The Mysterious Treasure of Deadman Cave

    I have researched this elusive treasure for awhile now. I find W.C. Jameson's account to be fascinating. If anyone in Colorado would like to partner up on this particular treasure, please contact me. Here is a summary: "There is one cave in the Sangre de Cristo Range, however, that is...
  8. Any lost treasure stories Santa Catalina Island

    Well, I'm not expecting to find a buried pirate's bounty all though I've heard it was a stopping point for a few pirates so I think I will try my luck with a day metal detecting the local beach. in Avalo:skullflag::laughing7:[ATTACH=CONFIG]130636
  9. San Francisquito Canyon Treasure

    Anyone out there searching for gold coins related to this legend? Listed as Legend #196 in "Lost Treasures of California - Map & Guide". "Gold coins continue to be found occasionally on the Santa Clara River, said to be fragments of a treasure lost in San Francisquito Canyon during California's...
  10. Texas Treasure Experts?

    I am looking for anyone who is an expert in the lost Texas treasures, like the ones found in the article below. I would love to talk to someone who has either attempted to look for them or is currently hunting! Thanks! X Marks the Spot | Texas Monthly