🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Civil War Relic would like help Identifying.


Oct 10, 2021
The first picture is the item.
Two inches wide, round shaped, brass object.
It has an eagle clutching a ship anchor and a cannon.
6 cannon balls stacked in a pyramid shape underneath eagle.
The second picture is of the back. It is thin brass material about thickness of old metal soda can.
The third picture are items found at same dig site. Need help identifying.
I think other round object may be smashed mini ball with holes punched in it. It also has lines scratched on it, possible home made necklace. Other two items brass.
The item underneath nickel may be a piece of spur where straps connected.
All items found in Missouri.


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Feb 3, 2009
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Half of an officers belt buckle.
Belt hanger
Maybe a heel plate of some sorts
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Dec 11, 2007
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I'm gonna say it's not military. The wreath appears to be permanently attached to the tongue. On the anchor the loop on the end in circling a star. I can't find that in any of the books. On the back it is a mirrored image of the front. Two piece buckles usually have a plain back side. Navy items, particularly buttons, were copied a lot. I would guess what you might have is a woman's sash type buckle.
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Oct 12, 2006
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I agree with duggap. The item way too light weight for field service. Not military.

I didn't find a match but saw a couple other similar buckles called "militia sash buckles". None had any proof. I don't think they are militia related.

I'm guessing (I have no proof either) that it's a patriotic woman's dress/sash buckle from the late 19th C. There was a huge nostalgia for the Civil War during the 1880's & 90's. I believe (again, no proof) that we find late 19th C items on CW battlefields and in camp areas because aging veterans took wives and families back to "the place where it happened" during the war. We know from books and newspapers that there were many reunions held in these places over the years.

That said, I think the disk with holes in it is a heel plate from a woman's shoe - late 19th C.
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