✅ SOLVED Civilian flat button?


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Feb 23, 2019
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Found this button today. It has EXTRA RICH. WARRANETED STAND on back of button. Would appreciate any information on age & type of button.


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Feb 24, 2006
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Your find is indeed a brass 1-piece "flatbutton," made for use on civilian clothing. (A few non-wealthy local Militia units did use these plain-front flatbuttons.)

The fact that your brass flatbutton's backmark is written in indented lettering means it dates from about 1810 to about 1835. After that time, these plain 1-piece buttons rapidly fell out of favor with the public due to the advent of machinery which could INEXPENSVELY manufacture 2-piece buttons with an "ornate" emblem on the front.

Although the presence of the word "warranted" (which means guaranteed), and the abbreviation "STANDd" suggest British manufacture, American button-makers did use those terms in their backmarks. That being said, the statistical odds favor your flatbutton being a British-made one. That's because American button-makers could not produce enough to supply the demand from the Clothing Industry until about the late-1820s. (Which is why millions were imported from Britain.)
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