Coin popping retrieval with screwdriver


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Mar 28, 2005
south charleston, wv
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Yep, best way to retrieve a coin! I have a long skinny screw driver with the end blunted with which I probe for the coin. And if you're doing it correctly, and repeatedly on every single signal, you'll get the "feel" of it, and know whether it is a rock, bottle cap, or coin. When pin pointers were yet to exist, that was the real way of pin pointing where the coin was. To supplement the probe, I had a screwdriver with a bent end. I'd leave my probe on the coin, and then go in from the side with the bent screwdriver and pop the coin right out. A lot less chance of damaging the coin as well. You don't do this like a brute, you gently feel your way into it. It's absolutely great for loam type soils. Rocky soil, it is not so much fun....

My main coin tool is the screwdriver, diggers for other stuff.
A coin gives a metallic tap, cans are usually a softer tap, and rocks usually give a non metallic sound when tapped with the screwdriver.

I would like to make a scooped flat screwdriver and try it, sounds like it works well.

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I will still do this on shallow targets. Saves a lot of time then digging a plug. This is why it is good to carry a screwdriver on hunts, even if you have a hand digger and shovel.

On deeper targets you can use a brass probe and screwdriver and only pry with the screwdriver. Use the brass probe to feel the target. If you use the brass to pry up the target you will double it over. I know this.

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I did it this way for a long time by using a brass probe to locate the coin, then I would slip my long screwdriver with a slightly bent over edge up beneath the coin and then pull the coin out. It's like magic, and a great method to use on manicured lawns as it does little if any damage, even in hot dry weather. One of my detecting goals this year is to get back to doing this again as I am digging mostly shallow targets right now. I was allowed to hunt a park in Atlanta after demonstrating this to the groundskeeper after he came to run me off. I managed to pop out a clad dime from a few inches down in a very thick turf of grass, and he was impressed to say the least. I was never harassed at that park again, but everybody else trying to detect there was run off by that guy, who never bothered me again and I had a big nice loaded park to hunt all by my lonesome. Cheers!!

watched a guy in his 70s do this at a school.. bought a craftsman 3/16 screw driver and use it all the time if the coin is 3" or less in soft soil. Broke the screw driver in the hard dry ground in august, take back and they replace it.. Worth the $6 it cost and it slides in the standard Lesche sheath with the lesche. Using the TRX the coin is right there.. slid it in, tap it, make a slot front and back, spread a little left and right and pop it out..


Thank you for your service my Combat brethren!!! I served with 1ABCT 4ID for two combat tours recently. Thanks for your advice with the screw driver.... God Bless brother!!!!

CW2(P) Colburn, Steve (MD'erStEvO)

on turf if my propointer can see it,I too use screwdriver and pop it out.Like already said I can hunt parks and soccer fields with no hassle.I dont even carry a digger in any sensitive area.

Perhaps I'd consider on a lawn or parks and such. Screwdrivers or ice picks don't care for the dredged clam shells we have quite a layer of here. Very thoughtful though.

Using the screwdriver or probe method works very well for shallow targets (0 - 4"), requires good pin pointing skills and patients. It does take a little time to understand and master, but worth the effort.

I've become well adapted to digging a clean plug with a 6"x1/2" screwdriver, as a local park system only permits this type of instrument.
But, as for popping coins with a brass probe and or screwdriver, I'm a complete failure. So much so, I no longer try this extraction method.
The coins I now search for require a Lesche .
Peace ✌

Here is a video I did some years ago showing coin popping.


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