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Aug 21, 2023


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Nice site! I don't see a tombac in any of those pics. Tombac alloy is silvery in color and it won't be plated. Though many come out of the ground looking new, they can also come out pretty dirty and take a bit of cleaning to get to the tombac surface. But they rarely show any real corrosion. I'm sure you will find one soon!

A nice bunch of Buttons !

Your Button looks like it's Silver plated Copper from here.
The Tombac Buttons I've found look similar to this one.


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I agree with ET and J. The tombac buttions I have found are remarkably free of corrosion and they also characteristically have lathe turning circle marks on their backs and no lettering there.

I agree with what others have stated.
Though the type of soils/fertilizer/chemicals can effect the luster.
I grabbed a few examples from shiny-dull.

Agree with everyone that it’s a silver plated button not a tombac button. So no first but it’s out there somewhere. Thanks to everyone for the replies and info

If the button on the bottom right is a tombac it’s a first for me. That’s 11 flat buttons in three days. Found some pottery and spoon handles also so most likely the oldest homesite on the farm. If that’s not a tombac hopefully someone will let me know.
Nice !!! Congrats!!!

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