Detech 13" Ultimate coil for the AT Pro, anyone?? :)


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Jul 21, 2008
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We have been quiet on the forum... but have been busy working on adding a few new lines of products. While I'm not quite ready to roll out some of them, we can announce the first new line of products... :hello2:

If you wander over to our website, you will see that we have expanded our offerings of Detech coils! Previously we were limited to coils for the Minelab GPX series detectors, but now we have them for conventional VLF detectors too!

Its going to take a little time to get entirely situated where we want to be, so the one you have been eyeing may not yet be listed. If so, send me a message to check on the status of it. Starting out we focused on making available the more popular coils.

One is the Detech 13" Ultimate for the AT Pro! The Ultimate has been a hit for a lot of people on their White's, Minelab, Teknetics and Fisher detectors, but they have been hard to obtain for an AT Pro.... Now the Garrett guys can enjoy the light yet powerful performance of this great coil! :headbang:

Give me a call or check out the website for more details-

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Detech 13" Ultimate coil

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