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Mar 18, 2013
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No photos, but an amusing story. I was asked to help the parents of a friend find the survey stakes in their subdivision yard. It seems there are two empty lots next to the friend's parents home and the woman who owns them, was insisting their fence was two feet over the line and she said she couldn't sell the lots until they moved the fence.

So, I went the first day in hot as Hades Louisiana and didn't have any luck finding the stake on one side of the yard. It was too hot to look any more, so I told them I would come back and look for the one on the other side of the front yard, yesterday.

I also told them I would show them how to use GIF on the clerk of court's website, and Google Earth so they could research property lines themselves.

So I showed up yesterday morning and found the stake on the first swing. They were elated.

We went inside and pulled up their property address on the clerk of court's website. We all saw immediately that their fence was indeed about two feet over the property line. But, what we noticed next is going to make all hell break loose.

Every property line and fence in the whole subdivision was off by two feet! I was laughing as I told them the problem was solved. People would be suing each other for years and they certainly wouldn't have to worry about moving their fence any time soon.

The kicker is, the woman who owns the two empty lots is the daughter of the contractor for the whole subdivision. The subdivision went up pretty quickly after Katrina, because people needed somewhere to live, fast. So the first mistake on property boundaries was probably theirs.

The only people who will benefit from all this is the lawyers. But my friend's parents are pretty much off the hook. Talk about a domino effect.

Great story, didn't expect to see that as the end result!

Thanks SD. I didn't expect that end result either, but I couldn't be more pleased for them.

I should have been a lawyer.

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