Disney Song of the South silk-screened poster/mural


Nov 11, 2016
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Hey folks, first time post after a new friend turned me on to TreasureNet. I found this at a local flea market last month. It is huge - 8 foot by 3 foot and the print quality is exceptional, seems silk-screened or a similar process. The WDP mark is clearly Disney. Other purple text on the border indicates it was produced by W. L. Stensgaard and Associates. I have found very few other things online that are Disney/Stensgaard. From what I have learned on sites like this, Stensgaard made large presentations/sets for merchandise point of sale displays. Does anyone have any ideas for tracking down more information? I would like to know what this piece was used for and would love to have a picture of it in its original context - probably at a store like Macys. I would assume it is pretty rare. I am looking to move it along; I don't have space for it.

The piece includes the animated characters featured in the song Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah including Mr. Bluebird and the butterflies.



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