Beach treasures from Maine to Florida


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Beach & Shallow Water Hunting
Beach Treasures
Maine to Florida.

A metal detecting guide to treasure on the east coast beaches, and where to find it.

Hello, My names Ray Wagaman and thanks for viewing my guide, Compiled of information I gathered to help myself and you as the Hobbyist, metal detectorist, treasure hunter.

Have you ever said this phrase.? If you only new what you were walking over?

This Guide will provide you with tips and information on the how to’s, and wear to’s and what metal detectors may be of interest to you as the amateur metal detectorist and the seasoned detectorist as well as which areas are most productive to hunt and when.

So before you begin your adventure with this guide. Here are a few simple tip’s to remember.

Always hunt the popular beaches

Do not metal detect in the water on the beaches unless permissible, some area’s it’s not allowed by the state and this can lead to confiscating your detector and a fine.

Make sure your detector is working correctly,

Bring plenty of batteries, water, snacks, sun screen, a charged cell phone and a first aid kit.

Choose the right sand scoop.

Determine the area’s you will hunt

Detect the beach when the crowds leave or before they arrive.

Detect the towel area’s, chair area’s and play area’s.

Swing your coil low and slow on the beach.

Wear quality head phones.

If your unsure of a target. DIG IT ANYWAY.

Make a string grid if you hunt a large area. This way you can hunt with in the string and know what area’s you’ve coverd.


(Metal Detectors for the Beach hunter.)
Here are a few to maybe consider as far as beach hunting goes . These detectors will provide you with excellent hunting pleasure at prices starting from around $200-$1400

Garrett ACE 250, A long time favorite of metal detectorists who are just starting out and even the seasoned hunters.This detector works very well on the beach or around your home and runs around $200.00
The Garrett ACE 350- This is a new upgraded model of the ACE250 with a deeper searching Coil and better discrimination . This is my choice and personal detector for around $300.00 great in both wet and dry sand and hard dirt areas.

3.Mine Lab Sovereign GT. This is a fantastic metal detector and many use this detector for beach hunting. The price is a bit more steep running around $800.00

4.Whites beach Hunter ID300.
Great detector, wet or dry sand.
Another favorite detector for the beach hunter, priced at around $1000.00

5. Whites surf PI. pro. Dual Field metal detector. Fantastic depth and sensitivity are top notch with this machine, Turn on and go ease. At around $899.00

6.Garrett infinium LS. Awesome detector. You can hunt both on land , and in the water with this. A top notch machine that lets you hunt in all conditions. At around $1250.00

7. At around $1400.00 The all time favorite detector for the serious beach detectorist is the
Mine Lab ExCaliber II- Top of the line for all sand conditions wet or dry. This detector doesn’t have any display readings but has tones you will need to distinguish pertaining to your targets.

Maine has a range of beaches that are a treat for the beach lovers and the treasure hunters.
The long stretches of sand that runs to the Atlantic Ocean.
Some of the best beach times to visit are In June and August.

(York Beach)

York beaches in Maine are idealplaces to metal detect, while York beaches include the harbor beach, long sands beach and the short sands beach. These although small have a lot to offer for the Metal Detectorist .
Such as, hundreds of ship wrecks off of the Eastern coast of Maine dating back into the 1500’s

(Harbor beach) is a very scenic, small beach with gentle surf in the York harbor area. The parking is limited and free. Very productive beach for coins and jewelry 4 stars****

( Long sand beach) is named after its long sandy beach and has a designated area for Surfing enthusiasts. There is paid parking available. This beach is a busy beach during the peak time of july and is a 4 star beach for coins and jewelry.****

( Short sands beach) is a small, sandy beach with mild surf. There is access to a number of shops and amusements near the beach. This beach is about a 3*** as far as finds go. The usual coin and some jewelry,

(Ogunquit Beach)
Ogunquit beach is one of the more popular of the Maine Beaches. It has 3.5 miles of sandy filled beaches.
There are several parking areas to park your car and a trolley service is available to reach the beach. There are a large number of facilities and snack bars to choose from. This is one area that IS HIGHLY recommended for Detecing,
This area gets thousands of people each year on its beaches and with that , your chances of finding lost items such as coins,jewelry,and even old relics and coins, in silver and gold are very good,
This is one of those area’s with Ship wrecks galore in the area. Also dating back to the 1600’s a definite 5 star search area*****

For more of a quiet relaxation beach.( Footbridge beach) is a quiet more isolated section of the beach. Visitors who go there are normally in search of less crowded beach areas. The area has snack bars and restrooms available.
This beach rates about a 2 stars** as far as coin hunting goes. Free parking is available.

(Wells Beach,
Wells beach has a wonderful stretch of sand and sand dunes covering a large area along the shore. There are parking facilities and other amenities that will make your visit an enjoyable one. Beach stickers may be obtained from town hall. Make sure to visit drake’s island beach and crescent beach. A good coin beach with many good finds being produced here. 3 stars***

Kennebunk beaches have a few smaller beach areas but they make for miles of white sandy beaches. Mother’s beach is a small sandy beach that has lots of visitors in the summer months. There are limited to no facilities available so plan accordingly.

(Gooch’s beach) forms the largest part of Kennebunk beaches.
It has soft powder like sand and is protected via lifeguards. A fantastic place to metal detect. With tons of visitors each year and plenty of fishing boats roaming in and out. Theres always shoppers . so. Where its busy like this. Theres sure to be treasure to be found. 5 stars *****

(SIDE NOTE): On November 17,1818, the Brig Columbia, Sunk outside of the Kennebunk Sandbar.
It struck on some rocks during a major storm as it was anchored . It went down with reportedly $1000 in specie, which means it could have been anything thing from Gold, Silver, Copper, ?

A plus hunting area especially after a good storm.

Be sure you bring your lunch and snacks with you as there are limited to no snack bars available. Some other beaches of interest are colony beach, cleaves clove beach, goose rock beach, and middle beach. These are all good coin beaches as it gets a good crowd of people on each one. 3 to 4 stars ***-****

New Hampshire Beaches,
New Hampshire beaches cover eighteen miles of beautiful coastline. There are a mix of beaches on the New Hampshire shore that have public access and facilities, and the remainder being private beaches.

Hampton Beach
,Hampton Beach is one of the most famous beaches of the world that shines with activity every evening throughout the year.

It has lots of shops, and accommodations, and other activities to name a few. A lot of tourists come here year round as it is a very busy place. The beach holds a lot of coins and jewelry for the metal detectorists this is a 5 star hunting ground***** that has both public parking and pay to park areas.

Rye New Hampshire is a very popular beach. With Jenness State Beach and Wallis Sands State Beach access is available offering a wide variety of activities offered. Sun bathing, treasure hunts, swimming, boating, fishing etc are popular activities of the beach. . ( parking facilities,) rest rooms, some restaurants , A very good area to detect as its always booming with crowds and this makes for good detecting. 5 stars*****

New Castle Beach,
New Castle beach is a small beach and a lesser visited beach area. There is limited access to New Castle beach and may be reached on foot or by bike. Arrive early as parking is limited and there are no parking lots adjacent to the beach. The beach is pretty rocky and makes for some challenging treasure hunting.

There are no facilities or any other amenities available at this beach. The best way to reach the beach is via New Castle common. Not a great metal detecting beach ,but it would be well worth giving it a try , people love to climb on rocks. . 2 stars **

I want to include there are 6 confirmed shipwrecks off of the isle of Shoals that date from 1813 to 1942being schooners, freighters, and submarine.
Also in the area of Portsmouth from 1928 to 1939 a schooner and a submarine went down in the area.
A good area to give the detector a try.

Massachusetts Beaches.
Cape Cod and Cape Cod National Seashore
The entire Cape Cod region, actually an island rather than a cape is 560 miles of beaches. Some of the beaches are protected by land formations,

Busy harbors, sand dunes, rocky bluffs, lighthouses and wildlife sanctuaries are situated in close vicinity to each other. A detectorist dream. With plenty of beach and not enough time in the day. 5 stars*****
The Atlantic face of the Cape is almost entirely set aside as The Cape Cod National Seashore with about 40 miles of almost deserted beaches. This is a detectorists dream. A quality hunting ground with treasure sure to be found.
Near to Cape Cod is the Island of Martha’s Vineyard with its beautiful beaches. Martha’s Vineyard and nearby Chappaquiddick Island lie off the southern coast of Cape Cod and are accessible only by boat or air. The entire southern rim of Martha’s Vineyard is a beach, thirty miles of it, known as South Beach.

(SIDE NOTE.): Marthas vinyard is clusterd with ship wrecks dating from 1891 from a schooner to tugs to rum runners and in 1957 a salvage barge. Would most definitely make for an exciting detecting trip along the area.

The beaches in and around this northern Massachusetts city are generally small and rocky, but still attract thousands of visitors each year. Which means treasure.
(Cressey’s and Half Moon Beaches),
Hidden away within the confines of Stage Fork Park and used mostly by locals are known for gentle surfs.
A nice day hunting to be had here with good potential finds includeing older coins such as silver.

The beaches are known for hiking, swimming and picnicking. Half Moon Beach is small and sandy and well known for its swimming. The water is cold, but still enjoyable in the summer heat. This would make a fantastic place to detect. Plenty of side beaches which are all full of history,

This area on the northern coast of Massachusetts is famous for its more secluded beach regions.
Crane’s Beach is a prime example. Miles of white sand beaches line the shores
. Ipswich is well known for its clam festival each year with thousands of visitors arriving for the festival. A fantastic location to detect. Always roaring with people. Coins, and jewelry 5 stars*****

Numerous other small beaches dot the coast of Massachusetts. . Good all around area to detect. Plenty of coin finds waiting to be discovered.

Rhode Island Beaches
Although over one hundred beaches are available to Rhode Islanders, mostly located in South County, Newport County, and Blackstone Valley, four beach sites are of particular interest to the visitor and to the treasure hunter.

(Crescent Beach)
on Block Island extends for 2.5 miles on the east side of the island from Old Harbor to Clay Head and joins with two other northern beaches,
Scotch and Mansion Beaches.
Block Island is a Victorian style summer beach resort town known as the “Bermuda of the North”.

Mopeds or bicycles are the favored transportation. Access to the beach costs nothing,
a nice change from beach tags.
There are no concession stands on the beach, so beachgoers and treasure hunters have plenty of reason for visiting the many restaurants in Old Harbor. A nice area for the metal detectorists
3 stars ***

(Side Note. ): there are over 16 documented ship wrecks off of Block Island, dating as far back as 1887 and being freighters,submarines,collier,tug,tanker,steamer,German sub,and fishing vessels. Up to the year 1995. Word of advise. Grab the metal detector and head to the beach after a storm. 5 star *****

(Easton’s Beach) at Newport, is a fantastic beach for the treasure hunter to hunt.
The variety of recreational activities available is sure to please every treasure hunter Tons of people which means plenty of finds. A sure spot for coins . Public parking is available. 3 stars ***

Connecticut Beaches
The State of Connecticut has a shoreline of over 600 miles of shoreline.

Located near Norwalk on Connecticut’s Gold Coast,

(Calf Pasture Beach) is one of the largest in the area. With 33 acres, there’s
plenty of room for metal detecting and sea activities
(Bluff Point Beach) is famous for its mountain biking. And historic ship
Nautilus and Submarine Force Museum.

(Clinton Town Beach) is a great small beach suitable for children.
The renovated playground near the miniature sandy harbor beach is perfect
for summer fun and metal detecting..
(Compo Beach) at Westport has plenty of seashells for the kids to gather,
plus wooden play structures for the children’s waterfront activities.

Victorian houses line the beachfront, for historical and visual interest.
The beach is wide and sweeping, although parking fees are a bit higher
here than at other beach parking lots.

(Gulf Beach) at Milford on the southwestern shore of Connecticut is one
of several beaches in the vicinity of this historic town.
The annual Oyster Festival held at Milford draws thousands to the city for
the festivities.
The beautiful sandy beach looks out toward Charles Island and includes
a large fishing pier. This would be a prime detecting spot where there is
sure to be plenty of older coins waiting. 4 stars ****
There is some handicap accessibility for parts of Gulf Beach.

(Hammonasset Beach) at Madison is another favorite beach for visitors
to Connecticut’s coastline.
(Madison is just west of Clinton on the central Connecticut Coast.

This beach is Connecticut’s largest public beach with over two miles of
white sand beaches. ). This is a fantastic area to do some Detecting.
Always plenty of people on the beach and always a positive chance
of landing some real nice finds. Coins and jewelry are a plus here. 5 stars *****

(Side note): There are 15 recorded ship wrecks off of conneticuts eastern
Most are recorded from 1779 to 1985 and most are in the Waterford area.
Consisting ofgunboats,submarines,passanger,freighter,and tug.
Grab the detector and get to this area.

New York Beaches
New York State has over 1800 miles of shoreline with some world class beaches to detect between its northern and southern borders.

(Jones Beach ),
Jones Beach is the largest and best known of the beaches operated by the State of New York. It’s located on Jones Island, a barrier island for Long Island’s south shore.
The 6.5 mile public beach faces the open Atlantic Ocean. a two mile long boardwalk. There is free parking but limited, and fee parking. A really good area for detecting. You may ask yourself , why, Well you as the detectorists can just emagin. A 5 star *****

Greenport is another beautiful beach resort city located on Long Island’s North Fork.
It’s known for the whaling and shipping industries which operated from this port in the past.
Currently the village is more attuned to tourism and recreational opportunities provided by the miles of sandy beaches and acres of vineyards nearby.
So this area holds a lot of history ,which always means older coins and possible older jewelry.4 star ****

(Northfork) ,
Northfork is best known for the wine country which surrounds it. The nearby beaches of Suffolk County are known as excellent novice swimmer locations. The north side of Long Island facing the open Atlantic provides recreational activities, Would be a good area to detect. Possible finds would deffenetly include coins and jewelry. 3 star***.

(The Hamptons)
The eastern end of Long Island is grouped as The Hamptons due to a number of towns and villages which contain Hampton as part of the name.
The area is noted for wealthy secluded estates..
Many wealthy residents choose the quiet surroundings for homes or summer homes. Yet, The Hamptons is also a sought after tourist destination.
The beaches here extend for miles and offer surfing, beachcombing, swimming and metal detecting.

much of the activity is centered around the summer season, with less excitement during winter or off-season. A metal detectorists high end beach. Which is always a good thing for the jewelry hunter. Most definitely a good place for high end jewelry. 5 star*****

(Side Note): In 1761 a ship named the HMS HUSSAR Sailed its way into Long island Hussar was swept in to Pot Rock and sank . She contained any where between $2 and $4 million in GOLD. Her remains are said to be under landfill in the Bronx..

New Jersey Beaches
The New Jersey Shore offers some of the best beaches on the east coast. Great beach weather extends from Mid May and peaks in the months of July and August. Great Beach weather and warm ocean waters last well into the month of Sepember and early October.

*This amazes me at all the wreck listings I have found for this state. A must metal detect area up and down it’s eastern seaboard . A lot of ships dating back into the late 1700’s up to the more recent years of the 1980’s that I could find. Also a lot of war ships ,sub’s and fishing vessels. The finds could be Awesome after a good storm along the beaches which is your better chance of finding some good relic’s and coin.

(Side Note): From fire island to seagrit inlet . Has over
307 recorded ship wrecks , this area is coverd with wrecks from fire island in longisland to seagrit newjersey. A must hunt area with good relic potential.

(Side note): From Seagrit to Littlebeach. There are over 307 listed wrecks in this area.

(Side Note):Beach Haven to Hearford inlet. Has a recorded ship wreck count of over 331. This area is from Little beach to the famous Wild Wood New jersey.

Ocean and Monouth County Beaches,
Long Beach Island (LBI),
beautiful Beach, there is a fee in some sections for the season as aquired with a beach pass.
That ranges from $25-35 dollars. However. It’s a 1 time fee and the finds can pay for that fee in no time.

(keep in mind the side notes listed and the areas)*****

Southern Beaches including
Ocean City, fantastic hunting ground especially during june,july
(Atlantic City), A plus location for beach hunting. The casino,a few drink’s the beach = treasure finds.
Sea Isle City,
Stone Harbor,
Comprising of approximately 127 Miles of fine white beaches, you will find many selections for the Treasure Hunter from secluded beaches, to boardwalks, and amusements .these beaches are famous. Known for many of it’s TV series and movies, all filmed in and around the Jersey Shore. What a fantastic place to Metal Detect. 5 star *****

These beaches are constantly roaming with visitors even in the winter months. You’ve got Ton’s of beach hunting here and tons of under the sand finds like jewelry and coins and more . these beaches are excellent hunting grounds. Public parking and fee parking available.

(Side Note): Its recorded that over 34 military ships went down on the eastern coast of new jersey. Some dateing back to the 1800’s Also .

(SIDE NOTE); the Deleware was a huge 250 foot long steamer that lost approx. $250,000.00 in Gold Bullion.
She is located about 2 miles off Bay head ,New jersey, Built in 1880, as mentioned. Hunt the beach near this area after a good storm. YOU NEVER KNOW.

Also check out Cape may if the chance arises.
Great Detecting Beach and you can also look for cape may diamonds that pop up on the beach as well.

There quartz crystals that have tumbled miles on end and somehow wind up on Cape May beach. Very interesting. And a great beach to Detect. 5 stars *****

Delaware Beaches

Delaware has almost thirty miles of coastline but inlets, bays and mouths of rivers provide an additional 350 miles of shoreline for treasure huntingl opportunities.
The three Delaware Counties all have beaches which draw tourists, mostly in the summer season.
The most famous and well-attended beaches are in the southern most of Delaware’s counties.
These beaches are generally uncrowded. Which means day hunting is a given for the treasure hunter.

Coin Beach,
A very popular beach for relic hunting and old coins, Silver and gold coins have been found here and bronze spikes and old irish shoe buckles.. Some Spanish coins have been found as well.

This could rate between a 3 to 5 star hunting beach. Depending after a good storm. A must to detect if in the Delaware area.

Dewey Beach, Delaware
Posted on October 28, 2008 by admin
Just a fifteen minute jog south of Rehoboth Beach on Rehoboth Bay and the Atlantic Ocean,
Dewey Beach is one mile of beach front and 3 blocks of shops,
. Dewey Beach’s reputation as a wild party town brings visitors in spring and summer from Washington, DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Wilmington.
This is a fantastic hunting ground , Especially considering the beach is much smaller and it gets thousands of people year round. A definite 5 star hunting ground ***** Parking will be tight so its best to get there early.

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
Posted on October 28, 2008 by admin
Rehoboth Beach, Delaware on the southern coast of Delaware is an easy drive from most Washington, D.C. and for this reason bills itself as the “Nation’s Summer Capitol.”
Visitors also arrive from New Jersey, Maryland and New York.

A must hit treasure ground for the metal detectorist, This area of beach is literally littered in ship wrecks

A 5 star ***** beach. For coin and relic hunting. This beach is hunted quite often and still finds of older coins dating in to the 1800’s are commonly found . public parking.

There are more then 2000 ,yes 2000 ship wrecks on the floor of the Delaware bay area. There are a total of 20,000 ship wrecks that lay on the ocean floor from Sandy Hook NJ. To North Carolina.

This is why it’s a must to hit the beaches of the Eastern Atlantic coast.

Maryland Beaches
Maryland Beaches are world famous as a tourism destination. The beaches attract millions of visitors year after year .

(Ocean City ,
Ocean City Maryland has a small resident population that increases constantly during the summer vacation months.
The Ocean City of Maryland has become one of the dream destinations of people from across the world.

The miles of white glittery sand that stretches beside the clear waters offers a great avenue for people to dig their feet deep in.
The Treasure Hunter Is continually finding really nice finds here. Jewelry and coins and relic’s are common finds on the beaches of Ocean City Maryland. Public parking and fee parking are common.

. While at Ocean City Beach, visitors usually hit the three mile long boardwalk. A real good place to detect along the side of faceing the ocean. People set on the walls of the board walk and lose a lot of coin.. There is a lot to explore over the beach like the museum and the down town historical area. 5 star *****


Assateague Island that is just 8 miles south of Ocean City is a great outlet to be in touch with nature.
The Assateague Island National Seashore is a great place to enjoy the natural area or for swimming, surfing, or shell collecting at the beach.
Make sure to visit the natural exhibits and see the Wild Ponies living at Assateague. Good area for some relic and coin, Mostly older finds but some recent to date coins. 4 star ****

(North Beach)

North Beach has persistently attracted a lot of visitors year after year.
The beach has a lot to offer in terms of pasta and poetry. It is known as “little Italy” too.
Highly recommended to get here early and hunt the beach. This area gets very busy and evening hunting will be a bit tough as people will be all over. Still a 5 star hunting ground***** jewelry and coins.
Public parking and fee parking

(Side note): December 9, 1911 A ship named the Fortuna went down off of the bar at Ocean City.

( Side Note):
The wrek of the Sallie W. Kaye
On January 10, 1883, during the height of a great snowstorm, a tragic wreck took place on the coast near Ocean City, Maryland. This storm was so severe and of such a long duration that it had no comparison in the storms of this region.

Hunt the beaches at Ocean city. As they are rich in history ,coins, jewelry, and relic’s. 5 star*****

Virginia Beaches

Virginia beaches include several that are world famous for various reasons.
You can pick the action packed shores at Virginia Beach or watch the four-legged residents of Assateague Island. Over 3300 miles of shoreline are available, and there are plenty of good treasure hunting beaches to choose from.

(Virginia Beach )

This is the largest and most populous of the Virginia beaches. People come to enjoy the three mile Boardwalk ,

Back in Virginia Beach, many of the entertainment programs are free and aimed at families. The beaches at Virginia Beach are also free. With plenty of free parking . Treasure hunting galore. *****

You can also enjoy a more secluded beach to metal detect at North End Beach and Sand bridge just to the south of Virginia Beach.
This beach will provide with plenty of good finds ,like coins, and jewelry. Especially high end jewelry. 5 star*****

Eastern Shore

Virginia’s Eastern Shore is home to three well-known beaches.

Because Chesapeake Bay has calm waters and there is a short nature trail, this is the ideal beach for families with young children to use. A treasure hunters coin field.
A fantastic beach for metal detecting with the kids or the beginner detectorist. 4 star ****
(Sister islands, Chincoteague and Assateague )

are famous for the herd of wild ponies which reside on Assateague
except during the annual two day drive.
Chincoteague has no beachfront, but Assateague, can be
reached by a short causeway between the two islands that has wide beaches,
virtually untouched and miles of trails. 5 star hunting *****

Ocean View Beach)
at Norfolk stretches for eight miles along Chesapeake Bay.
The four wide city beaches feature gentle surf, and picnicking facilities. No reason to not find plenty of coin and jewelry on this long stretch 5 star hunting *****

Visitors can rent kayaks, paddleboats, jet skis and sailboats. In addition to the beach activities,and treasure hunting, visitors to Norfolk can visit museums such as Hampton Roads Naval Museum, the National Maritime Center and the USS Wisconsin, and Nautical.


In addition to 12 deep water marinas, Hampton is home to Buckroe Beach, a favorite for windsurfing visitors. This would also make for a fine detecting area where there are sure to be hidden jewelry finds waiting for you. 4 star ****

(River Beaches
also has several river beaches where the tributaries flow into Chesapeake Bay or into the Atlantic Ocean.

Fishermen particularly appreciate these beaches, because they can catch both freshwater and saltwater fish in the same area.

An outstanding river beach is Chip pokes Plantation State Park with two miles of beach along the James River. More likely to find according to research plenty of good coin finds in this area. 4 star ****

(Side note):
for the skeptical: here is a small list of wrecks that went down off the eastern coast of Virgina beaches.

Amaganzette: swamped off Virgina
Anglo.African:sunk off Virgina
USCGA.Cuyahoga(wix157) collision off smith point,Virgina
Doxie Girt: sank off Virgina
Ethel C:sunk off Virgina
Eureka: collision off Virgina
Gulf Hustler: swamped off Virgina
Hanks: swamped off Virgina
La Gala: tropical storm 1750 Virgina

There are plenty of possibilities on these beaches and the finds can be very profitable.*****

North Carolina Beaches
The beauty and serenity of the beaches of North Carolina,

The waters off North Carolina have been the scene of so many shipwrecks that it is called The Graveyard of the Atlantic.

For this reason, North Carolina has many lighthouses and light towers along its coastline and on the Outer Banks as well.

These low lying islands stretching across the coast of North Carolina are the site of most of the beaches in the state.

The mainland coastline consists of a large number of marshlands, dunes, hills, bayous and forests.

This variety is what makes the beaches of North Carolina so interesting to visit. And to metal detect.

The Fort Raleigh Historical site commemorates the location of the Lost Colony of Roanoke.

The Wright brothers made their first history shattering flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

Beach access in North Carolina is regulated by law, So please check before accessing any beach.

The Outer Banks islands where the most awe inspiring stretches of sand and water occur are made up of the islands of Bodie Island, Hatteras Island, Ocracoke Island and Roanoke Island.

Bodie Island has several points of interest, including the Bodie Lighthouse available for tours. It’s still a working lighthouse

Hatteras Island is one of the longest in the United States, measuring 42 miles,
and contains most of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore.

(Side Note☺ Check out the Morehead City and beaufort area’s along those beaches there are over 13 different wrecks listed alone in these areas . *****

Atlantic Beach, North Carolina
Atlantic beach ,
Originally the site of a small pavilion built on the beach in 1887. It was a one story building that had refreshments and stalls for changing your clothes. This became so very popular for beach goers, Many took sailboats to this area to visit and enjoy the beach. Today it is connected by a four lane bridge for visitors to come and visit.

(Side Note): This area is a must hunt area.
The thousands of people that visit this area years on end , Plenty of potential good finds here, Definitely a silver and jewelry area.

5 star *****

(Side Note); Also check out the Wilmington and South Port areas . This small stretch between the two holds a ton of wrecks as well. Some dating back into the 1880’s

Very nice beach hunting and high end jewelry is a major possibility hunting in South port. Some area in South Port may be restricted so please ask first if unsure.
It holds a lot of histoy and receives a lot of tourists year round.

As you the Treasure Hunter can clearly see. You have plenty of options to make some fantastic finds along these beaches. There is public parking on most and fee parking as well .Highly recommend Wilmington Beaches 5 star*****
Just to name a few more ship wrecks.ALALexander,Ramsey
Box Wreck
British Splendor
Dixie Arrow
Empire Gem
George Weems
Idaho.>paddle wheeler
Queen Anns Revenge
San Delfing
William Rockefellar
Zane gray(AR-1601)
All ship wreck names just to give you the teasure hunter an idea of what also lay off the beaches.

South Carolina Beaches
Because South Carolina can be enjoyed every season of the year, it is a prime vacation location for the treasure hunter.

Some of the more well known South Carolina Beaches are:.Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head, Kiawah Island, Surfside Beach, and Pawleys Island.

(Myrtle Beach
)Myrtle Beach is the nucleus of over 60 miles of white sand beaches.
Thousands of vacationers and plenty of hidden treasures waiting to be found each year. This is a major hunting hotspot for the metal detectorist,

Plenty of free parking and fee parking up and down this area. 5 stars***** This area rates as 1 of the top 10 places to hunt on the East coast.

(Beachwalker Park at Kiawah Island is open to the public with much of the rest of the Island under private ownership. Ten miles of Atlantic beaches, for the Treasure Hunter await with possible finds consisting of mostly coin. 3 stars***

(Side Note;) Shipwrecks,
There are many shipwrecks off South Carolinas coast.

Ships run aground,collided,or also sunk, from the civil warera through to the 1960’s

These wrecks are at various distances from the shore line.

A local ship called the Govenor , which was a 200foot civil war era paddle wheeler, lies in only about 80 feet of water in roughly 20 miles off the coast.

Also in 1942 a Dutch merchant ship called hebe and a british ship ,sub chaser, The St,Cathan, collided.
These two wrecks,around a quarter mile from each other, You can find artifacts and relics that wash ashore.

Also in the city of Richmond,
A steel hulled ferry, sank as it was being towed to the Bahamasto begin a new life as an off shore casino.
It never made it as it was sunk by hurricane 15miles off the GeorgeTown shore Witheverything that was aboard???
It lies in only about 20-50 feet of water.

As mentioned these areas are a major plus for hunting right after a heavy storm 5star*****.

Georgia Beaches
There are nearly one hundred miles of Georgia beaches stretching between St Mary’s River and the Port of Savannah.

(St.Simons island.)
Features two white sandy public beaches,
Which are two of the most beautiful beaches in Georgia.

(The Masingale Park Beach); is the most popular,with a nice picnic area, bathrooms and plenty of parking and it’s Free
The second beach on the island is( The Coast Guard Beach.).
It also has bathrooms and showers,free parking.

These smaller beaches get lots of visitors and tho smaller in size , these beaches are a hot spot for good coin and jewelry finds. 5 star*****

(Jekyll Island.)
A much larger Island,with three public beaches.
South Dunes Beach, and Central Dunes beach are also great hunting grounds with the detector as thtere are a lot of vacationers who frequent these beaches, Both beaches have showers and dunes for running about on.
Remember treasure hunters, Any area’s that people like to picnic and play, You need to hit it with the detector as long as its permissible. 4 star****

St.Simons Harbor(Georgia)
on October 14, 1811, The ship The Elizabeth City,
which was a schooner, went down during a heavy storm and aboard carried over $12,000 in specie… Gold,Silver,Copper.

Florida Beaches
Florida Beaches are some of the most well known in the world. Florida has hundreds of beach resort towns and areas to choose from to meet your vacationing and treasure hunting needs.

Here are just a few reasons for you the treasure Hunter to hunt Florida. Pieces of Eight and Doubloons -- Reales and Escudos

Florida has over 8000 miles of tidal shore lines and 1,350 miles of Beaches.

It see’s over 40 million tourists every single year.

There are over 200 Spanish and pirate shipwrecks alone off of Floridas East coast and items from these Wrecks wash ashore almost every day . This means Major finds for you the treasure hunter.

So with all the wrecks and all the visitors you are almost always going to find treasures on the beaches of Florida.

It’s also legal to metal detect on 95% of Florida’s public beaches. This means also you have plenty of hunting ground to cover.

Year round is always productive ,however after a storm, that’s when the treasures can really be found.

You will mostly find on Floridas beaches

Plenty of coins and a lot of high end jewelry, the coins will be of recent dates and occasionally some very valuable coins, also, some 50 cal.shells from wwII . an occasional cell phone and plenty of toys and at times anything from camera’s mp3’s the list goes on.

(Jackson ville beaces), There are numerous shipwrecks along this area and most are of more modern day , However. Don’t let this deter you from hunting these beaches. Many finds includeing the usual coin and jewelry always prevail. 4 star ****

(Titusville), In mosquito inlet holds an 1880 ship wreck just 25miles off Port Canaveral..Also it holds roughly 5 more ships that went down in the Port Canaveral area from what I could find in my research. A must hunt area. 3 stars***

(Daytona Beach).

This is a good treasure hunting beach simply for the reason it gets very busy year around .
With Bike week, Spring break, boats and fishing tournaments .
However this is a pay a fee beach . because you can drive your car on the beach.
Now the down side to hunting on this beach is the sand is very hard packed because of the traffic , so digging is a bit harder.
Still a good coin beach, and jewelry beach . Parking is free and pay to park areas as well. With a lot of tourists as mentioned.

The better detecting beach area would be Daytona beach pier.
This gets tons of people and theres always entertainment and this along the sides of the peir makes for great detecting. A definite coin area. 5 stars*****

(Jacksonville city pier.)
Great detecting area, with plenty of parking, However it also is a harder sand area, but this area is a great coin and jewelry area . 4 star ****

(Vero beach).
A lot of parking available.
This beach has produced some major nice finds over the years. Including people simply walking on this beach and finding things such as a 1715 emerald crusted gold cross. Valued at over $20,000 and quite a few realls.
This is a must hunt beach, However.
This beach is a must hunt beach after a good storm. The odds of finding some very valuable items like older more valuable coins and relics are very very good. 5 star*****

(Turtle trail Beach)☺
A great Treasure beach, with a lot of old realls being found here. 5 star*****, Parking is very good as well.

(Hutcheson Island):
A lot of fantastic treasure finds here,
From Spanish reall to relics and recent coins as well.
5 star***** Parking is also very good here.

(Deer field beach):
A must hunt beach, as this beach gets tons of visitors year round ,with a nice long pier and plenty of entertainment.
Your chances of finding some real nice jewelry are very good on this beach. 5 star ***** this is a fee parking area ,however you can find some spots where its free,but you may walk a short distance to get to the beach.

In 1715, Over 11 spanish ships went down off the costal area. $$$$$

(Sebastion inlet park),
Great beach to hunt with potential for finding old coins, relics, Parking is good most times of the day. 4 star ****

(Fort Lauderdale),
Lots of parking,mostly metered parking but some free. Lots of tourists during spring break a favorite spot for beach goes while in Florida. Great Metal detecting beaches, Possible finds almost always include, Coins of recent and older dates, jewelry is a given.
5 star *****

(Hollywood beach), Major long boardwalk and a top spot for finding modern gold jewelry.

These beaches are real good beaches to hunt, However parking is difficult at times unless your staying in one of the near by hotels. A lot of beach goers and tourists here. , I would recommend detecting the Miami beaches early in the morning. 4 star ****, coin’s, high end jewelry,

(South Beach).
A fantastic beach area to hunt, Tons of people here year round. Lots of tourists and good finds.
Coins, and also high end jewelry. 5 star*****


I’d like to take a moment and thank you for reading this guide that I compiled of research and first hand experience hunting.

I truly hope that you find this guide to be very helpful in helping you find treasure and find some areas that are very productive in your treasure hunting adventures.

As always be safe when hunting and respect the area your hunting and always fill in your holes. Treasure hunting with a metal detector is a fun hobby and past time and we as hunters must always remember that our actions in the areas we hunt affect our opportunities and others for being able to continue to hunt them.

Also when you get a chance, take a kid metal detecting, it’ll be a treasure hunting experience you’ll never forget and neither will they.
Best Of Luck.

Ray Wagaman<
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gold fever pete

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Man that's a good article but. I am on the West Coast. Any helpful hints for here?


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WOW. That really is a good write up.

Thanks for taking the time to do it. Lots of good info there.


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Thanks Ray! :hello2: :hello2: :hello2:

I'm also on the west coast but have saved your guide and will print it out for my trips to the east coast.

Regards, Joe :occasion14:


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Thank you for posting this info, Ray.


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Hey, great guide. I will save it for future reference. Welcome to the forum. You will meet so many good people here. :icon_thumright:


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Thanks for putting together and taking the time to share....Kool


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Dec 13, 2008
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Thanks for leaving out the St. Augustine area. Don't want to let the secret out. By the way, how do you recommend Jekyll Island when no detectors are allowed?


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Regarding the statement mentioned above, "The Atlantic face of the Cape is almost entirely set aside as The Cape Cod National Seashore with about 40 miles of almost deserted beaches. This is a detectorists dream. A quality hunting ground with treasure sure to be found."

Just an FYI for the few that may not know - Possession or use of metal detectors is prohibited on all of Cape Cod National Seashore. You will be fined and your equipment will be confiscated.

Can Slaw

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I just read this list and as stated from other posts be VERY careful with this information. It was not researched very well and a couple of these areas are CLOSED to metal detecting. I have visited many of these areas and I know for a fact you cannot detect there. Ray was thoughtful to share the information, but be careful how you use it.


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