Do these arrowheads look like cheap knock-offs to anyone else?


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Aug 12, 2012
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Came across this "Collection of Artifacts" on Ebay and I am new to collecting native american artifacts but they look suspicious to me. Is it just me or does anyone else see it too?


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Apr 15, 2009
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I cant say of the origin but they do look like reproductions to me when I look close at them.

Ebay is notorious for reproduction sales both as reproductions and labelled as authentic with bogus, cheap toilet paper COA's not worth the time to read.

There are a few individuals who apparently make income off of papering, what to me, is questionable, sometimes obvious, fakes. One rarely sees a COA from them at any reputable relic show or auction. They are in the shadow world of rip-off and slight of hand. Make a sale and be gone. Return policy are often not attainable for a number of reasons.

The funny things is nobody seems to name them all - and so unknowingly they continue to get business by others who are of questionably reputation or the new collectors who just dont know any better, or for some other reason I cant seem to understand.


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Nov 22, 2012
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I would also say yes to newly made items. I wasn't aware where these came from, I have see them for sale before.

I tried some flint knapping last year. Let me tell you I was 100% successful in making small pieces of flint from larger pieces of flint! I have no talent for it!

Jon Stewart

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Jan 11, 2011
The India points sell for $30.00 a hundred wholesale. I bought a hundred and glued fasteners on the back of them and give them away to the kids at knap ins, making sure to tell them that they were made in India. They really didn't care and their smiles were worth a million.

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