Does anyone know this maker? Japanese? Enamel Pitcher...Has makers mark


Feb 15, 2013
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Just wondering if anyone knows this makers mark. I believe it says "Japan". Has a pat pending #, but I cannot find anything about it. Also, the age of this piece. It seems to be from the 40s, but I could be mistaken.

Thanks! 103_0512.jpg103_0508.jpg103_0511.jpg

I'll ask the Mrs. when she gets back from Zumba.

Yup. The "what is it" forum is the place to be for this.

I recall that marks are "Japan"..."Made in Japan"...and "Made in occupied Japan"...but not sure of the timescales those marks were used in apart from the occupied one obviously lol.

Thanks all. I'm still figuring out blogs, as I am new to them entirely.

No problem, happy to help. Click on "forums" top of the page....."what is it" forum is in the first batch.

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