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Sep 8, 2013
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This is a joint mining venture, willing to do placer mining or dredging.

Thus far at Double D we have three miners with more then 12 years combined knowledge of mining.
We have money to invest, but would require other investors.

Double D is also willing to partner up with other ventures to prove its worth. Ava. as soon as any one would need 3 hard working individuals.

We are willing to mine in public mining areas, or go for a claim and or lease. Prefer to mine in Canada/Alaska or 48 states.
For interested parties please reply to post with your ideas or what you are willing to bring to the table.

Double D is like an employee owned company, we are striving to make us the employees rich, no make some rich person richer. The more invested employees we have the easier it will be.
Double D has been in touch with mining suppliers such as MSI Mining, we have prices and numbers on what it would take to go small or big, either placer or dredging.
Double D no's how to not fail when it comes to mining, we no how to find the gold before we mine the gold, no nilly willy mining.

Thanks for reading
Double D Mining
A joint Gold Mining Venture
Tracy Daisley Sr.

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