electrolysis ? or ultrasonic cleaning?

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Dec 19, 2003
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No , 2 Different ANIMALS . Electrolysis Cleans by Electricity, Jewelry Cleaners do it by Vibration. ELECTROLYSIS CAN REMOVE DETAIL (Metal) & (REVERSE RUST) Jewelry Cleaner is more Gentle & wont Remove Heavy Encrustations.



Electrolysis (zapping) is harsh and quick. It has a use but must be used sparingly.

Some old coins can be ruined with zapping. The reason being they were buried in such a hostile soil that they are severely corrupted and will break-apart if zapped too long (or at all in some cases).

Only very corroded coins should ever be cleaned. Then very few of these should be subjected to zapping.

The best method is the slowest method. Soak coins in distilled water for a few weeks and brush lightly with a tooth brush. Repeat until coins detail shows nicely. Do not try to make old coins bright and shiny. Leave that beautiful greenish brown (or whatever) patina on the coin.

When coin is ready, heat with hair dryer (to dry out coin) and then seal it with bees wax or Renaissance wax (sold online).

Again, you only use zapping is absolutely necessary.

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