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Nov 29, 2005
In 1824, and for several years following, "no small stir" was made among that class of people in town most noted for their credulity and superstitious notions, by the assertion that, in a certain locality in the eastern part of the town, large quantities of gold and silver coin lay buried. The story runs thus: Many years previous to the settlement of this state a company of Spaniards came from Canada with a vast amount of silver and gold, and encamped on Camel's Hump, where they manufactured it into Spanish coin. Portions of this rich treasure were thought to have been buried from time to time along the route. In confirmation of this theory it was alledged that crucibles or vessels for melting the precious metals had been found near the Hump; that there were marked trees, extending from the latter place to Essex and thence northward toward Canada, evidently

ESSEX. 785

indicating the route taken by the rich Spaniards ; and that an old Spaniard had died somewhere—who, as a dying bequest, divulged the secret to some confidential friend that a vast amount of money was buried in this town. Under such a combination of circumstances, who could entertain a doubt? A few faithful friends, to whom the wonderful secret was communicated, were gathered together. Shovels, pick-axes and ironbars were brought into requisition, and under the lead of their juggling doctor who carried in his hat the mystical stone in which he could see the precise locality and enormous quantity of the concealed precious metals, or held nicely poised upon his fore-finger the charmed stick which was certain to become mightily agitated and decline from its horizontal position at the presence of gold or silver, they went forth "in silence and in fear." With "lanterns dimly burning" they gathered round the spot indicated by the mystic stone and the charmed stick and commenced the toils which were to be so soon rewarded with the sight of the precious coin. With all the energy of desperation and of fascination they labored on from day to day till at length their eyes were feasted with a sight of the hidden treasure. But alas for poor human nature ! The involuntary outburst of joy, as the goal of their ambition was now within their grasp,. broke the charm, and the "chest of gold" disappeared forever from their view in the solid earth beneath. Several large holes in the vicinity still remain as monuments of their credulity and folly.


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