Fellas I need some advice on a gold guilt button


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Apr 13, 2016
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I found this Calvary cuff button And although I have found my share of buttons mostly pewter War of 1812 buttons but this is one that has the most guilt on it. What do you think the best way of cleaning it? I have one and juice I just wanna know if that’s the best way and how long I should leave it in there? I appreciate it thank you image-2021-04-03-17:25:13-596.jpg


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Feb 18, 2013
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1. Don't submerge it in anything as it can seep inside the button where you can't control it. Whatever you use apply with a q-tip rubbing lightly, then rinse off and pat dry.

2. Whatever removes oxidation crud will also start removing your good patina and leave you with a nasty purple finish if left on too long.

I have never worked with lemon juice but if you go that route don't leave it on any longer than a couple of minutes and remember to qtip on some baking soda and water to stop any acid action even after rinsing. I use Aluminum jelly (not as corrosive as Naval jelly but hard to find now) on buttons that I can see gilt under the crud. I qtip on and lightly rub it around for one minute then rinse off. This way I can see what's going on with my good patina.

This stuff is now 5 times more expensive then when it was readily available but it is my go to for brass buttons that may have some Gilt left: Aluminum jelly.jpg
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