Fellow Nutmeggers


Jan 1, 2014
Central Connecticut
Detector(s) used
Bounty Hunter Pioneer 101
Primary Interest:
Metal Detecting
My Name is Allen. :hello:
I am now retired and starting this frustrating and rewarding hobby because I caught the treasure-hunting bug long ago and cannot find a cure. I have done dump digging for bottles and surface hunting for Native American Artifacts through the years.
This hobby looks like good fun and I will try to get out as much as I can. I plan to purchase a Garrett AT Pro very soon. I have looked up the laws in Connecticut for Metal Detecting and understand the etiquette to do my part in keeping this hobby available for everyone.
I will most likely join a MD Club soon and would not mind some MD’ing Buddies from time to time. I live near Willimantic CT.


Apr 1, 2008
I also am a treasure hunter from southeastern CT. I also typically hunt alone and am looking for a hunting partner.

Please send me an email to discuss getting together a plan for once the snow melts. [email protected]

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