First hunt in with the Legend/gold and tone brakes.


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Feb 11, 2012
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Well Saturday I was finally able to get out and detect and dig out in a wooded area where I didn't have to worry about pretty plugs all I had to do is fill my holes back in when I was done.
Got 5 old shotgun shell stamp heads I guess is what everyone is calling them.
I was not disappointed as I really didn't expect to find anything great, I had gone there several times with the X-Terra 305 and wanted to use the legend to swing over some targets I had passed on with the 305.
This area has a dump site near the edge of a farm field and I had dug some old bottles there that dated from the 1920's .
I'm going to look at some old maps as I have an idea the dump site is related to a home that no longer exists and is likely a part of the farm field I was on the edge of.
Either way 5 shell casings that were from paper tubed shotgun shells may sound disappointing to some but I consider the outing to be a success all around the Legend did what its suppose to and those casings were deep.
Something that jumped out at me is the fact that there are no modern shells with plastic tubes there so I get the idea that no one has hunted that area in a very long time.
I'm loving the Nokta premium shovel and it has pretty much finished up the need for digging tools so a big thanks to Andy.
After setting up field mode the way I wanted as far as settings changes I remembered something that has been mentioned as a problem by several youtubers.
Looking at the diagram of the frequency zones on page 9 of the manual it is clear to see that small gold jewelry also tones in audibly in the same zone as nails and iron (1-10) and the VID/TID gets jumpy for such targets, you could very well pass that target over as trash.
So I needed to confirm this I already had a theory as to what I could do and also needed to confirm that.
Luckily someone was kind enough to let me use their very thin gold bracelet to use for my test I laid it over an area in my yard where I know there are roofing nails under the soil ran the coil over the bracelet width wise and also went the length of it.
The VID/TID was reading a signal of 7-4 no higher no lower and repeatable every time both with the width and length of the bracelet.
I laid the bracelet in a pile in the same spot with the same trash under it and got the same repeatable VID/TID, but the audio was cracking up in both cases.
Since I have field mode set up with 6 tones I did a tone brake on the first segment or zone so its tone kicks in from 1 and ends at 7, then I went to zone 2 and set it to kick in from 8 and stops where its suppose to at 20.
I then did my tests over again the audio is clear and recovery was separating the trash that is under ground from the bracelet I don't consider a VID/TID to be jumpy with a drop from 7 to 4 especially if it repeats itself, a jumpy signal to me is something that shows up 41 then drops to 7 on the next pass of the coil then shows up again as a 31 and drops to a 5 and ends up being all over the place in the VID/TID and audio scales.
This may not net me gold jewelry but it should at least alert me to considering digging a target that is ID'ing in a similar manner out in the wild.
Now I have to figure out why it is that the threshold volume is so overbearing since I've made all these changes I'm assuming that has to be controlled with the headphone volume or something as once you get on 2 its so loud it about drowns out any signal you pass over with the coil?
Its normal in park mode which I've made no settings changes to so far.

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Oct 12, 2007
Middle Tennessee
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It sounds like you have turned your threshold up by mistake.

Go take a look and see as it took me a bit to figure out the settings.

Am glad to see your first outing was decent in getting to know your unit.

I like mine very much.

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